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they need someone who acknowledges they have a serious public image problem and will take authentic steps to repair their brand.

here's hoping

If we're looking for someone with some authenticity, look no further:

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Sport coat - check!

Button-down shirt - check!

Blue jeans - check!

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Sony's reveal was really impressive. Games, not a bunch of stupid facebook and twitter bullshit, but stuff I'm actually interested in using.

Microsoft really has to hit it out of the park whenever they decide to debut. From the way they've been focusing on everything but games these past few years, I'm a bit worried.

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Bah! my hopes for the return of the Romancecast are dashed..

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@BestUsernameEver said:

Matt. Kessler.

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Dear internet,

Please chill the fuck out.

I don't know why every single issue needs to be something we need hang our banner behind and rally a campaign against.

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Don't be a fucking narc.

...But by "quite a bit" do you mean like bricks of cocaine?

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Though I haven't had a chance to see Django yet, Jackie Brown is my current favorite.

Also, I don't think he was involved with Natural Born Killers. That was Oliver Stone.

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Good thing I was sitting down when I read this, this would've floored me.

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The Secret World ran like shit on my pretty decent gaming laptop and SWTOR is probably the worst-optimized MMO out there. Even on the best machines, it can still run like crap.

As for the others, they're all fairly old so you shouldn't have much of a problem running them.