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I don't know if this qualifies, but Alan Wake. 
It reviewed pretty well but sold poorly, which is a damn shame because it's a fantastic game.

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It's not a terrible deal, it's just Activision re-branding the whole DLC Season Pass thing.

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God damn it! Fear Gauntlet needs to be an actual video thing on the site!  
Cuba Gooding Jr knows what's up!

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@thetenthdoctor said:
I still hate this gameplay mechanic, and can't get used to it. I can't tell you how many times I've cloaked, run up to a dude and elbow bladed him, then turned to get the next guy and - "BZZZZT!"- not enough energy, guy shoots my face off. I have cybernetic arms, for God's sake. If I can move dumpsters and vending machine to my heart's content, I shouldn't need a candybar between punching dudes.    
It seems like you can, but carrying and throwing heavy objects also drains energy, just very slowly.
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Fail to see how $7.50 each for 4 DLC packs is "disgusting".

Because it's more than likely already finished and could be put on the disc for launch.

I doubt that. The game is already filled with tons of maps and a full singleplayer game. Not enough room.

Actually it has 9 maps, 3 of which I already played the shit out of in the Beta. Not really 'tons'...
Not only that, but how many of those are remakes of Gears 1 & 2 maps?
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I pretty sure the break music that plays during that radio show is the unatco theme.

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Wait.. so how do you know if they're dead or just knocked out?