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For me, Spotify is fine as a supplementary service, like to listen to an album before you decide to buy it. But as far as it being my main music app, eh..

I only use it on my computer, so the ads really don't bother me. If anything, having to click through an ad every time I tab back to Spotify is more bothersome. Also, the radio feature is kind of crappy. If I were to subscribe to anything, it would be Pandora.

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That's pretty damn impressive.

How do you build the world's tallest building in 90 days? pre-assemble nearly everything!

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I was planning on buying this for 360, but this deal is too good to pass up. Ended up saving forty dollars.

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I'm hoping to get AC 3 on the cheap from Amazon.

Do you think it's too soon for Hitman Absolution to be priced down even on Black Friday?

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Why couldn't they just get someone from Extreme Restraints...

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@NyxFe said:

"You play as this guy Marcus Fenix... He's thick and likes to shoot stuff" Some things never change.

War never changes.

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@csl316 said:

Caprica's on Amazon Instant. Should I watch it? I really enjoyed the main series, but more about the space battles and constant fear of death than the politics.

Caprica's pretty good, but since SyFy decided to cancel it during the first season, they really rushed to wrap up the story towards the end.

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"Oh no.."

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@Pyroph said:

Wonder how much Schilling even has left now.

I remember listening to an interview he did with ESPN after everything went bad back in May. He pretty much said that he was almost completely tapped out in terms of his savings from his baseball career.

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Fucking Chris with a white car...