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Well this is dead handy as I've just started playing BFBC2 again now Vietnam is out. Added myself to the steam group. steam id and BFBC2 id same as GB one DougallDogg. Laters peeps.

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Just a few other oddities. Whilst logged into anyone's account you and get to the directory root via cd .. and another cd .. then you can go into the directory /bin (fairly normal for anyone who uses unix or a mac) and there's the list of the available commands. Besides whats mentioned in the help prompt there's also 'doa' and 'zork' which we already kn ow about but there's also a few others. The wink to the programmer in foobar and hello as well as alicia. Which is apparently a virtual therapist and responds to what you type in.,

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@oneredodd:   Just logged on to that and checked there mail and the 2nd one had the user roppen stating their password, unfortunately gibberish. But using the decode comand it came back as trinity. So another one worked out
rlogin: dreamland
user: roppen 
password: trinity
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 So to log in to Hudsons account the user is jhudson and the password is  bryant1950. It seams that there might be a bit more to find from the intel in game.

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Well after a fair bit of trial an error and mainly monkeying around it seams that the intel you collect in game isn't so worthless after all. If you check Masons mail at the terminal the first message from Hudson tells him to change his password to something else (memorable name followed by a memorable date, which is what he uses). So after trying a few things with out any joy I had a look at the intel collected from the mission "S.O.G". In his profile it says something about his adviser being Marshall Bryant and he got an award in 1950. So I went back to the terminal and tried to login in with this info to guess his password. And hey presto it worked.