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Ok, I'm ready to ruin my life. Teach me, duders. Teach me the ways of the Dotas! Hopping in the Giant Bomb channel now. Go easy, I'm super new to all this.

Edit: Oh, steam name is Dourin

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Grabbed the third key. Thanks, duder!

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@snide: Ah, so they did. Any NA duders need a guest pass, just pm me and I'll toss one your way.

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I'll roll an alt on Warbringer, sure. Started a guild with some friends on a PvE server, but they're hardly playing compared to me, and it's a guild of 3 currently, so I could use a bit more guild chatter in my play sessions. Think I'll make this one a spellslinger.

Any idea if you still get the guest passes if you bought the game digitally? Will they just email them to me?

Edit: Ok, character name is Dourin. I'll try nabbing an invite tomorrow night if anyone's on.

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I don't know what this is but I approve!

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@random45: I believe it's so cheap because in Russia (as well as other eastern European countries, I think), game prices are dramatically lower than elsewhere in the world. Something about rampant pirating being an issue, and the lower prices being a means of combating that or something. I dunno, I'm an American, what do I know?

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I bought a ps4 at launch so that when that game came out that I really wanted, I only need to drop $60 on it, not $460. Worked out pretty well, since that game will likely be infamous, and I'll be dropping money on a computer upgrade around that time, leaving no extra money for a game system.

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I'll toss my name in the hat as well. After the stitching came loose on my Lincoln Force shirt (the only GB shirt I own), I've been wanting to get some new GB threads.

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I've somehow made it through my entire life without playing a Smash Bros game, I guess I should finally get on board.

If they throw some Captain Falcon or Mike Jones from Star Tropics on the roster, I'm 100% in.

Captain Falcon has been there since the beginning, so I doubt they'd omit him at this point. Same goes for Samus, as well. Just because they haven't been announced doesn't mean they're not in the game. Hell, they did a big "announcement" that Luigi was in the game!

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Shit...knew I should've just made my character this morning before work....

May want to put something in the OP about the server problem. No idea what to do now.....