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For what it's worth, the mobile store advertises the GTA deal using the GTA V art, not just generic GTA.

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I think my current record for most bought game is FFVII at 5 purchases. Bought the ps1 discs 3 times, psn copy, new pic copy from square-Enix. Sadly, I plan to buy it 2 more times, once on ps4 and again on of to have a steam copy. I also own the old eidos-developed pc discs, but never could get them to work on my machine.

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I swear I'm the only one that played this game, but I would fucking love an HD remaster of Rogue Galaxy. Easily one of the best RPGs for the PS2.

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May as well throw my name in here. Funny enough, one of the biggest reasons I didn't get this myself is because the game itself only comes in a DVD case, which does not match my other expansion boxes on my shelf.

I know, I have a problem.

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Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but with the introduction of Paradigm Shifts in FFXIII, combat became "one-button" combat. Sure, you picked what paradigm you wanted to be in, but unless you were a madman, you always selected Auto-battle from there. This just sounds like the further simplification of that. Not saying it's what I want, as I thought the removal of player choice regarding individual attacks took a lot away from FFXIII's combat system (which otherwise was probably one of their best modern combat systems), but it's not like this idea of simplified combat is something wholly unique to FFXV in the Final Fantasy franchise.

In fact, given Nomura's influence on this game while he was at the head of it, it sounds more like another step toward Final Fantasy playing like Kingdom Hearts.

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Ok, I'm ready to ruin my life. Teach me, duders. Teach me the ways of the Dotas! Hopping in the Giant Bomb channel now. Go easy, I'm super new to all this.

Edit: Oh, steam name is Dourin

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Grabbed the third key. Thanks, duder!

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@snide: Ah, so they did. Any NA duders need a guest pass, just pm me and I'll toss one your way.

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I'll roll an alt on Warbringer, sure. Started a guild with some friends on a PvE server, but they're hardly playing compared to me, and it's a guild of 3 currently, so I could use a bit more guild chatter in my play sessions. Think I'll make this one a spellslinger.

Any idea if you still get the guest passes if you bought the game digitally? Will they just email them to me?

Edit: Ok, character name is Dourin. I'll try nabbing an invite tomorrow night if anyone's on.

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I don't know what this is but I approve!