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To me, it all depends on the circumstances. If I am driving there, going in, and picking up my food, no, I will not tip. However, if I am taking advantage of the carside-to-go option that has become popular by many chain restaurants, I will generally tip a little for the convenience of them bringing it to my car. Not the same as I would for full service, but usually at least a few bucks.

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Maybe it's because I played through the entire game in one sitting, but I didn't feel like that at all. The conspiracy stuff IS tied up, as Ned was the one tapping into your radios and listening the whole time, he was the one that basically broke into the research area and planted the "observation of H/D" documents to make it look like H/D were being spied on, etc. I believe it was even stated (I don't remember if Ned told you outright, or if it was in a note somewhere) that Ned was doing all of it to basically scare H/D away from the area so he wouldn't be discovered to be living in the forest. I guess I could see how it allcould be confusing if you didn't find the hatch, but it was all definitely there and explained. I feel like maybe a lot of it is missed, though, if you do play the game in multiple sessions, since, then, the mentions of Brian and Ned are further in the past for you, the player.

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What I'd like for it to be
What I'd like for it to be

What I feel like it is
What I feel like it is

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I'm lactose intolerant, but can't stand the flavor of soy, almond, coconut etc. milks. So I just buy 2% lactose free milk. I pretty much only use it for the occasional weekend cereal or if I'm eating some particularly spicy wings.

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Feel free to add me as well. I mostly play at night, usually after 8pm Central time during the week, off and on all day on weekends.

Uplay: Dorandil

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@kagato Used your code, got one for someone else below!

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I'm in Kansas City, MO. Time Warner was just forced to step up their game again recently due to Google Fiber, and I reaped the benefits. Free speed upgrades are always appreciated.

Edited: Thought my speed was a bit low. Updated with proper speedtest. Upload is supposed to be 20, but whatever.

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This is how MMOs work.

I don't want to sound like a jerk, but Destiny is hardly an MMO. It's a multi-player shooter with a loot system. There's nothing massive about it. Everything outside of the tower is heavily instanced so you never see a bunch of players just running around doing stuff. Planetside 2 is an MMO shooter, Destiny isn't even close to that in terms of player count. Even if it were an MMO, I don't have to go buy every WOW expansion they've put out to play the new expansion, I just have to buy whatever the most current expansion is and it includes all of the other stuff. I get that the Legendary Edition offers that, but only if you're willing to pay full retail price instead of the expansion price.

Even assuming Destiny was considered an MMO, this is not how they work. Having to fork out for the two Year One DLC's and then pay full price for TTK would be like having to pay $20 for the 6.1 content patch, 6.2 content patch, 6.3 content patch, etc., and then paying full retail game price for the next full expansion for WoW.

I mean, you'd also be paying $15 a month while you're subbed to be getting 6.1, 6.2, etc. The basic difference is that Destiny is charging for those content patches and requiring you to have them, while WoW doesn't charge for those content patches but charges you a sub fee every month regardless of whether or not they release new content. They both have their pros and cons.

And yet you left off the following, very important sentence:

Alternatively, if you look at the Buy to Play MMO payment model (like with Guild Wars 2), you'll see that even then, all major content patches leading up to the Heart of Thorns expansion were free, adding new zones, new quests, new dungeons, etc.

Don't get me wrong. There are decent deals out there for both new Destiny players, as well as those who bought the DLC. New players get the vanilla game, all DLC, and TTK for $60. Even those who bought the DLC get to buy just TTK for $40. However, for those of us who only bought vanilla Destiny, no such "deal" exists. Our only option is to drop another $60 on another copy of the base game, DLC that has been made obsolete and simply part of the leveling grind by TTK, and TTK proper. Even if you try to twist it that the $60 is still cheaper than buying the DLC and TTK piecemeal (which would, if I'm not mistaken, run you $80), thus getting you one of the DLC's for free, that's still not a deal given that with the release of TTK, all that DLC is is essentially part of the grind to TTK.

Especially given the reception to Destiny in the beginning, and even somewhat as the DLC was released, what Bungie should have done was offered a bit of an olive branch to those of us who were burned by that initial release. We're in Year Two of Destiny. If you bought the Year One DLC, you got to experience that as it was new, and more importantly, it held the highest loot you could get. However, now with TTK, all that loot is meaningless. With Year Two, they should simply roll the DLC into the base vanilla game, charge $40 for the expansion, and all Year One players should be able to go out and buy TTK, knowing they are all set for Year Two of Destiny.

What happens when Year Three comes around? As someone who just owns vanilla, what am I left with? Will I need to buy $120 worth of content in order to be ready to see the new stuff? What about Year Four? Year Five? The more content is locked behind paywalls, the less they are likely to get players who dropped off to ever return. It's something WoW learned, and it's why now when they release an expansion, all previous content is rolled into the base game. How many Years of Destiny will I watch go by before Bungie learns this lesson?

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Don't spam erratically attacking enemies like Lakitu and Hammer Bros. Use them sparingly.

Communicate clearly where you need to go using coins or other parts of the level design and try to not have the camera obscure your path or enemies.

No leap of faiths. (Generally I haven't come across any jumps with a coin trail that was straight-up lying about where to go, so that's good.)

Don't put a Lakitu in a place where I can just steal its cloud and subvert the rest of the level. Well unless you like that sort of thing, I guess.

Playtest your level and, while I haven't done this myself yet, I feel like waiting a day before uploading a level you completed would let you come back to it with a fresh perspective and iron out some kinks, if there are any.

Specifically speaking to the bolded, I've actually been thinking about this recently regarding the jumping fireballs. In the original games, I'm pretty sure the lava under them would bubble for a second before the fireball would emerge, right? Since we can't do that, I'm thinking a good indicator that something might be there would be to place a stone block in the lava on the spots where the fireballs come from. It's not something super obvious (I think people are marking things a bit too much and too obviously with coins), but if the player is paying attention, they will catch on and know where to avoid, especially when on a skull platform or a track.

Regarding playtesting, I would also say if you live with someone who is not completely incompetent at video games, have them playtest your level and watch them as they do. You have an idea of how your level should ideally be played, but I guarantee that if there is a way to exploit it in any way, someone else will find it.

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Well, for what it's worth, we at least know that free content is coming. I forgot where I read the interview, but they did say that they're working on a way to allow us to alter audio for our levels, so we know there will be some sort of post-release content updates. Hopefully we get some of the stuff you mentioned too. I really hope we can get checkpoints, fake ghost house doors, and the ability to block mario from going back through a pipe he just came through.