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Well if Rock Band 3 is anything to go by... It's all or nothing for the Rock Band and the rhythm genre!

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Level 8 nearly at the ol 9

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Love the Zerg! 

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 I find it weird and coincidental that when thinking up a series of blogs to do, that I shall receive an achievement for doing so. Reward for writing = Win in my opinion and hopefully I will endeavour to write just that little bit more, much to your displeasure ha!

 Yeah I went there... So what!

“Love Game, Not Console” is a journey into the hey day, the youth and innocence of my gaming glory long for gone. Long before a time where Scientists and Lawyers were linking gaming to violence... then unlinking... then linking again... then unlinking and... well you get the picture. Long before the absences of an R18+ rating was an issue between Australian gamers and one said former South Australian Attorney General (highlighting the former there). I was me, a boy aged 6 or something close to. A normal 6ish boy I was, always getting in to trouble, doing stuff I wasn't meant to do. You know like waking up at 5 in the morning, blasting you father's record collection all through the house and subsequently getting spanked for doing so.

 Hi Mini Me!

So said father had a idea. A stroke of genius you may say when he thought of renting (yeah family wasn't rich at this time) out a Sega Mega Drive for me to play at 5 morning instead of Sweet Child O' Mine. And so started my decent into all things gaming!

“Love Game, Not Console” will be a focus on the games I remember choosing to own first when I first pulled that mighty Mega Drive or X360 out of their respective boxes of freshness. Believe you me when I say this is definitely not going to be a “Best Of”. But naivety is bliss... especially when you are young and the evil that is Metacritic doesn't exist as yet.

 In the Beginning...

It's only fitting that the Genesis piece for this series starts with the Genesis (Sega that is) Console. In the mean time I will allow you in the time being to guess what cartridge I first inser.... Sorry I was mean't to say, first blew into, then inserted into the Genesis. You could win a prize... but you won't... but you could... but you won't.

Also feel free if the creative juices are flowing to let me know what your first experience with the Genesis was as I prepare the next iteration of this series.

As I leave I will say this. The following two words should not be said together.

Moist Ointment.


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Yeap already on reserve

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The game itself is fine on X360, it is just the FMV, as they are more compressed on the 360 version so they aren't quite as crisp as the PS3, but if this is the version you have to get, you still won't be disappointed.

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man we all talk about how we are spoilt these days with quality releases, how we were spoilt back then, this was a super hard choice.

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The design of the game, which was first off was un-zeldaesc and absolutely astonishing, how all those time events linked together was amazing.  This aspect was something that I completely overlooked when I played it as a 13 year old.  And even some of the mask collection had more satisfaction than the actual main quest and the main quest was by no mean unsatisfying.  It was one of those games that divided the audience, but love it or hate, it is a game you must play, and think to yourselves now that this game was created nearly 10 years ago.   Still value for money!

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Surely this one has gotta be up there. 

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I too hope they win, and especially gain some sort of control of the brands that they have created. Which I think this could happen.  I remember Rare winning over Nintendo the rights to the Banjo Kazooie IP, even though it was owned by Nintendo, Rare provided a case and won that IP from Nintendo when Rare were bought by M$.  If this thing happens this would murder Activision.  Go Guys Go! 
On a side note, it will be interesting to see that because of this suit, no doubt the circumstances behind these guys termination may have to be explained if their argument claims that this so called insubordination is all false.