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It will simply blow your mind away 0

Personally, writing a game review is a daunting experience in this generation of gaming.  Games have followed the path of technology and have become incredibly complex and fascinating in their design.  But every so often we are treated to an experience that is simple yet exhilarating.  Flower is one of these experiences. By definition Flower cannot be consider a game given its lack of objectives and challenge and for the enthusiasts and purists out there I know I have lost your vote alone in ...

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Adventure Fans, Dream no more. 0

The adventure genre has always been one where the game either gets it or it doesn’t. This is due to the fact that they heavily rely on one mechanic, narrative. The same bears true for Dreamfall and it fortunately hits it right on the spot, as there is not much in the way of game-play that will keep you interested if it relied on that alone. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is the sequel to The Longest Journey; however, you will not need to anything from the first, as most of what you need is expla...

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Viva Las Vegas Baby!!!! 0

Rainbow Six Vegas is the newest installment in the long running Rainbow Six franchise; it also reinvents the series for the new age. It has reinvigorated the series by including the most intense combat sequences ever seen in a tactical shooter, whilst pitting you up against some of the smartest AI seen in any game. Add in an enthralling multiplayer experience and you have one of the most complete tactical shooter packages available to date.The Single Player campaign will have you play as Logan K...

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Bioshock Is Soaking Wet With All That Is Great 0

Bioshock is a game that impresses on so many levels. At first you will delight in the beautiful presentation of Rapture, then there is a different yet intuitive combat system and last there is an enthralling narrative that gives Bioshock a unique depth, tying every element together and raising the bar for story telling in any genre. If you are even the slightest bit curious than Bioshock is a must play and further it is a game that won’t disappoint.Bioshock takes place in 1960; you are flying ov...

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It is more of the same, but it is enough 0

The success that Guitar Hero has enjoyed over the last year has brought the rhythm gaming to the forefront of the industry. So when news spread that when original Guitar Hero developer Harmonix had parted ways with Activision in favour of developing Rock Band, no doubt there were many who may have been sweating at the possible demise of the much beloved franchise. But never fear for Neversoft is here and has provided us with a follow up that stays true to the original formula. There are also som...

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