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Was not spam. Was my mandatory post, with the hopes it would spark conversation. I do not understand blogs. Not at all.

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Oh man that's awesome.

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Pretty awesome, I can't wait. Just 26 more days!

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I like, looks good to me. Now, teleport me to Oct 21.
Damn =(

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Shawnzee level 70 Undead Rogue
Dovien level 46 Blood Elf Mage

Both characters on Trollbane server.

I'm also currently looking for someone to do the new "Refer A Friend" thing with, so I can get the 3x XP bonus and level a Shaman. I couldn't stomach the level 1-45 again, not with the amount of alts I've had. If anybody is interested in starting WoW, send me a PM. It'd be Horde side on Trollbane.

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murse2008 said:
"If you are looking for any kind of meaningful social experience you are not going to find it in an MMORPG and especially now WoW. The reason that people spend all their time in these types of games in the first place is probably because they're not so popular in the real world.
..have you ever played WoW? I'm sorry, but I've made many friendships over my 2.5 - 3 years in the game, and I still have friends and a social life IRL. I mean, srsly, I'm moving in with my girlfriend of over a year in a week, going to a party with 4 of my friends next Sunday, then hitting a theater on Tuesday. I have NO social life, and I blame WoW!
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I'd name my dog Brian.



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ZimpanX said:
"Have the uncharted planets less empty
Space combat
More major planets
Being able to interupts someone mid conversation
Influence System from KOTOR II
More direct control of your squadmates
Rewamped inventory system
Lock the framerate

"Have the uncharted planets less empty"
They're uncharted, what could be on them when so few know of them?
"More major planets" It's a huge universe, but I know what you mean. Instead of more planets, how about more areas on the planets, wider variety of cities and landscapes, and the ability to land the Mako wherever you want on these planets.

But yeah, the other stuff would be cool.
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Zripwud said:
So... you're saying that you're a fan of great games.
Nah, I'm just saying, cause' they're so different from one another. What are "games like that"?  I'm a big fan of them too =)

About Fallout 3, it's really hard to say. I hope it'll be a great game. I love Oblivion, and  we know that Bethesda knows how to make a "do-whatever-you-want" kind of game. But Fallout it's just different. I don't know. I only hope it lives to the hype."
Heh, "games like that"...didn't even think about that. They are pretty different, but one main theme is shooting. Never really noticed that, honestly. Yeah, I guess I do love great games, and as for your mention of Oblivion, I completely forgot that game! I loved it, I should add it in there.

I'm not a reviews kinda guy, I go all die hard on previews and teasers and gameplay videos, and if I like the way a game looks, I buy it opening day (or midnight launch, like GTAIV). So far, the trailers have made me giggle, say "Oohhh" once or twice, but overall I don't think I'd buy it =/!
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