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I can't even comprehend it yet. The hole in people's lives will be tremendous. Rest In Peace, good sir.

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I'm guessing it's still pretty shaky, right? I'v gotten a 404, a 500, and a straight up "your username doesn't exist" message. They just need more time, I suppose.

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@Asmo917: I'm with you man, same here.

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I'm not sure why so many people enjoy Tom Chick's writing. I've always felt like he's only writing in this way because he loves all the attention that he gets from being contradictory on EVERYTHING. I just choose to skip a step and not follow him at all. Hmmmm.

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Hey Patrick! I lived on the big island for ten years. If you manage it over there, try the "Kona Brewing Company" over on the west side of the island. It's got some great food and even better beer. There's also a winery close to the volcano if that's your sort of thing.