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    Well this is a grand under taking indeed! However, I cannot simply tell you what you need. It all depends. If you need a monitor then that will change things. Do you want and ssd or just HDD? So here...

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    Gone Home was awesome

    Well, this game needs no further accolades as it is quite the darling of most critics. However, I will still write my thoughts. I thought for sure that there would be no surprises for me as I had hea...

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    Most of you will disagree with this, but I am quite excited with this game. Yes, he is not a pure Templar. However, being someone who is sort of between worlds and this time lands on the Templar side...

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    BastionWhere do I begin? I have heard of this game so many times and never really thought much of it. I saw the screenshots and the talk, but it just never grabbed me. Then I heard the Giant Bombcast...

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