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@Animasta: Yes, it's good, but I will concede only good. It's not great, and there are certainly better arcs than others - Hanako's emotional climax is muddled, the protagonist has way too many soliloquies in Lilly's route, and Shizune's route is just fucking boring - but glaring syntactical errors weren't being shoved in my face while the creators asked for my money.

thanks truckpump

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Uncharted 2 article:

Guns are violent but swords are not. That is stupid logic and bad parenting.

Last I checked society wasn't plagued by sword violence.

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It's stable but in no way is it finished. If you have it from the HB, then redeem the code, but by no means should you pay $20 for it.

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Hopefully George Broussard is nowhere near this project.

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I wanted to second the request for a real fuzzy date option for releases, since while the same effect can be achieved with the expected date option, that implies that the game hasn't been released yet. Plus, most people don't bother and end up listing release date as the beginning of the moth or year if the specifics are unavailable.

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Most of the people from Black Isle are at Obsidian anyways so this seems like a transparent attempt to bank on name recognition.

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I've read that Chef Boyardee, the game's creator, is considering putting up a Kickstarter to fund a sequel.