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@Sogeman: Ya know, that's exactly what happens with my videos a fair amount of the time since the switchover. Scrolling away from the video and scrolling back seems to restore it.
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Where's my original Contra (for the NES)?

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Harmonix makes some of the best cooperative/party games around. Wish Harmonix and those let go the best.

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Almost downloaded the 360 demo, then decided to wait for the results of this contest...

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Ha, ha... nice. Always liked your renditions of "Battle with Gilgamesh" and "Forever Rachel." It's crazy to me that a contributor to a fan project (admittedly a fairly large one) went on to write for movies, TV, and video games as well. Makes me glad I got the Gold Edition at the time. Also, that (FFVI) "Ending Theme" is still hella long, though that's really no fault of your own. ;-)

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Just wondering whether this is the same Chris Tilton who collaborated on the original Project Majestic Mix project that was a tribute to Nobuo Uematsu. If not, no biggie. I've seen that name many times when certain Final Fantasy tracks would appear on my iPod. Thanks!