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Hah, after reading and watching all the videos... this seems pretty awesome.

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@RoyCampbell said:

Now begins the long, loooong wait for GTA V.

ahh yup.... with at least four delays... but it will blow everyone's mind when it's released ( :

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@Voshterkoff said:

Oregon Trail through the ages. Don't know how they will capture from an Apple II, no doubt they have top men on it.

I'd watch that.

@Keenblaze said:

If Jeff isn't in it, I'll be terribly, terribly sad. If Vinny isn't in it, I'm not sure I'll bother watching.


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@TeflonBilly: Hah, mighty fantastic mate!

Post of the year.

( :

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"splitting out their business into two distinct businesses that each do half of the thing the original business already did. Not that any company would be so frivolous in its business planning to act with such rash and bizarre behavior. That would just be suicidal."

hahahahah, I get it... love the sarcasm. Fantastic.

Netflix is really messing this up here. I thought the idea was to add more services in one bundle.

Much like splitting up a Swiss Army Knife, I like the idea of having a spoon with my knife... because I can.

but a Swiss Army Knife without a blade and just a spoon?... what's the point?

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"maybe he can then work on the formula for self-replenishing cake." - I'm up for that idea q :

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@CitizenKane said:

Dave/Vinny ER of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I will not stop saying this until it happens.

YES ahah!!!!

That's a game I'll buy to play along with too!

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@StaticFalconar said:

@Phished0ne said:
What everyone doesn't know: the new endurance run will be for subscribers only. =P
I'm fine with that. Maybe just maybe, it'll give us some incentive to subscribe. I just hope they have a 5 minute demo version or something so the unpaid people can have something to be jealous about.

Ya... I'm happy they're doing ER. Honestly it's the #1 reason I subscribed. I'm hoping they continue to do ERs ( :

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@HawkxSx said:



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@subyman said:

Yawn, I just scroll to the Game tab and select my game to play games...

Heh, me too lol... hasn't failed me yet.