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Why do they still do DRM when all of these problems happened in the past? More reason to buy PC games from Steam.

Sad, I bought my version from steam

Silly Ubi still adds their external crap... Ubi should just release games on steam, like other publishers, (-)external DRM.

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Soooooo Happy!!!!!

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Street fighter 2 by far. Notice it said charcters not character.

Oh good point. I agree Street Fighter 2.

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Sooooo good.

This is why I paid for an account they should do more Endurance run

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Finally a Star Trek mod for Mass Effect... though four years too late.

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If they made this game 4 years ago it would STILL look pretty mediocre and stupid


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( :

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Nolan North!!... although never seen him act on screen...

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@warmonked said:
"...  to simply reset your account password provided they know your PSN account email and your date of birth. 

so what? Password reset by submitting email is on every web site login ever.
@Donos said:
Isn't this how password reset works for just about anything? You enter your login username, and an email is sent to whatever email account is associated with that username. It just so happens that for PSN, your username is your email account.They could just make it so the password isn't reset until you hit a password reset link in that email, though that would be more open to phishing scams.I don't see much reason to be mad at Sony for doing the exact same thing as every other account-based online service.Edit: Hell, the Giant Bomb password reset works the same way. Breaking news, Giant Bomb's password reset system has been compromised!!!
@teekomeeko said:
It took likely years to build the network to begin with, and they had no choice but to build it again in like a month. Whoever didn't see a weird exploit coming is out of their minds. 

The simplicity of the password reset was necessary because the interwebs confuses too many people, but coincidentally that type of thing is what MOST password resets I've ever had to do use (I think Amazon has it fairly simple, too, and my credit card info is all over that bitch), so pretty much most of the internet is vulnerable to this type of account theft.
Man I love it when other people do my work for me.
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Hackers are real pieces of shit, aren't they. No-life basement dwelling losers that have nothing to do but to fuck peoples shit up.
They didn't even gain anything out of this! They're just deliberately being dicks to millions of people for no reason. The only reason I could think of is that they're upset with the GeoHotz thing, so they did this hoping that people wouldn't read into it and would just get mad at Sony. And you know what? It's fucking working! Yes, Sony deserved what was coming to them, they needed to fix their security issues, but the innocent PS3 owners should not have been involved in any way.I'm really rooting for Sony this E3. This was supposed to be their year and it still can be.
True, true.
I think I have to laugh, so not to cry. / :
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" GTA5 "