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I nearly threw up.  So sick.  This kid needs to be executed.
Just to make a point they should hit him with a hammer till he is almost dead then cremate him alive in a slow heating oven!!!

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I love tomb raider... mostly nostalgia; have always enjoyed 'em, even when they kinda suck. ( ; 
looking forward for this.

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@ozzydead69: Sorry to break it to you but 
The minimum requirements are; 
at least a 2.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent, 1 Gigabyte RAM, A 128 MB Video Card - with support for Pixel Shader 2.0, and at least 15 GB of hard drive space. 

You're not looking at a $250 price tag. 
If you want cheep, laptops aren't the answer, build your own desktop. 
 If you're still are looking for a laptop find one with at least a one core Processor (however most are dual core now) with 2.5GHz, 1Gb of Memory, and a Graphics Card with 128Mb with pixel shader 2.0.
"Cheep" gaming laptops go around $550
An Inspiron 15 with a 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 would do nicely.
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@Jeust said:
What turns me on are the beautiful qualities i find in someone that i can't qualify, that resist my attempt to classify.   "
Oohh... good one. 
Very good answer.
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@kishan6: no doubt!  I should note I also like brunettes, but prefer red heads and blondes.
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sept legs and arms... 
cause thats gay, unless you run...

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@You said:
" Prosthetics made of meat.   "
Wow... going Dexter's brother on us...
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@Chrono_Defying_Ninja: Yes and I love any Bioware game!
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NIce trick.