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Joseph Conrad 
Cormac McCarthy 
Tim O'Brien 
Ray Bradbury 
Jack London 
Ernest Hemingway  
William Faulkner 
H.P. Lovecraft 
Isaac Asimov 

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@Fudge_Wirlwind said:
Here's another one. I love MS Paint! "
Hot Chip - Made in the Dark 
Good to know people are enjoying this a year later. :)
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Case Western Reserve University shooting for major in chemistry or biochemistry. 

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Found a copy of Hexen in my bookbag a few days ago. That was pretty cool. I played it with my friends for about 3 hours yesterday.

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I didn't even know this existed until now. I feel like my ignorance of a project like this actually a pretty impressive feat. Here's hoping all goes well.

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I went through a phase during highschool (freshman year to the beginning of senior year) where I smoked pot relatively frequently but that kind of attitude is behind me now. I'm not against my friends doing it around me constantly or anything (I still do it every now and then when I have all-day breaks) but it's when they interrupt my studying to try and get me to smoke that I get pissed at how it's affected their personalities.

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@Sumbog said:
" Count of Montie Cristo, I  have an old 1970's direct translation copy. Lord Jims also good I guess.... not a big fan of books, havnt read any in a bit  "
The Count of Monte Cristo is great but I love me a good Joseph Conrad story. 
I'm reading Ingenious Pain by Andrew Miller at the moment. It's definitely an interesting book with a fascinating main character, but it's not exactly the most exciting read ever.
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Was it this one by any chance? I loved this Batman series. The new Batman cartoons didn't really do it for me. 
I wouldn't say I was fond of Hey Arnold! but I didn't hate it. I watched it when I was sick and home from school and all that but I don't think I ever put everything aside to watch it (like I did with DBZ and basically everything else on Toonami). All those other shows like Rocco's Modern Life, Freakazoid, Ahh Real Monsters, etc... were all great, though.
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Episode 1 was a bit strange. It felt like they wanted to explore Alyx's character a lot more but they seemed to make some character interactions a bit forced along the way (Episode 2 felt much more natural). That being said, the level design in Episode 1 was pretty damn great (except the elevator. I got passed it on my first try but when I went back for a second playthrough I messed it up a few times) along with the general pacing. Of course, Episode 2 did all of this even better, but it also felt like an overall more ambitious game at the same time. Episode 1 was a pretty good game,  more intimate than Half-Life 2, but it wasn't nearly as fun/memorable as Episode 2 was.

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Psyched if this means P5 on X360! If not, then I'm still psyched just because this game sounds pretty damn interesting.