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It happens all too often :'(

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I feel this news doesn't affect anyone in any way, except possibly Notch.

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Too heavy for me, man.

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Ever since the rumors started of a larger phone, I've found it funny how Apple is finally playing catchup to larger Android phones. When anyone suggesting a year ago that the iPhone was too small would have been ridiculed by fans :)

Also, of course they have a fancy braided watch strap. Of course.

EDIT: I looked, apparently there's three styles of strap to choose from. Well, ok.

Still. 5,5 is too large, never understood how anyone liked the Galaxy Note and similar phablets(!)

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Audiosurf. Apparently.

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SO much <>

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Oh MAN, a Pathologic remake Kickstarter.

I remember reading this long, mind blowing article about how Pathologic was a immensely deep, important game. Then I watched some videos and couldn't get over how arcane it looked. This remake might be what gets me to finally play it.

Gotta love that Russian mysticism mixed with weird pessimism and realism. ism.

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@atwa: When there is a bias, Giant Bomb let's people know.

Follow the site enough, and you'll knowswho their former coworkers, long time friends, etc. are. When they covered the making of Bastion extensively, they didn't review it. Which is a shame, because it's one of my favorite games in a long time.

They have given low scores before, to games made by their friends. And maybe they talk about them more often, but they talk about all sorts of crazy shit often enough.

And the negative bias seems mostly for comedy, like Jeff shouting about games he doesn't enjoy.

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