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So if you've been waiting to get the game, now is a pretty good opportunity.

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I can't get enough of this game. Of course that will eventually subside, but until then - I'll keep looking at the subreddit, for cool fanart, and wait for my Limited Edition.

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@bananasfoster: There is culture that could be called such, just not in the West. That is beside the point, however.

But even if something like that was prevalent, you're right that in the game it isn't portrayed that way. I could list a bunch of examples and reasons, of how characters act and react to things that happen in the game, but I think you understand already.

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Well I'm currently unable to buy it... This is part of what happens when you restrict sales, they are... restricted.

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@shivoa: I think we have very different ideas about society and culture. That's fine of course. It's a testament to how universal this game is when someone like me, a bit rough and insensitive, a bit conservative, straight, male, all that, can find enjoyment in experiencing this game. It is a story about love, can be romantic or not, because it works either way. (I'm enormously pro Pricefield, I feel it fits the story best). And it's a very powerful journey this game has. But the way you interpret plot elements in the game has very much to do with your own experience. So your interpretation is no more right or wrong than anyone else.

I think the devs have said they chose more "stereotypical" characters, as is very obvious in the first episode, as a way to quickly get you into the story. But it works a different way as well - no character is truly one sided in this game, up to and including someone like Nathan - and the characters change during the game both by force of narrative, and our own perspective.

And the way the relationship between Max and Chloe can evolve from friendship to romance is so subtle and natural - I barely noticed the transition, it was so excellently done. And I personally have never seen any criticism of the romance, or the gay characters, or even main characters being female surrounding this game - not even on goddamn youtube. I think the devs have so completely accomplished their vision, that it doesn't feel forced, or fulfilling an agenda, or meeting quotas - it just feels like this story couldn't be ANY other way, and that's what makes it so approachable. Start with the story, not a goal you need to meet.

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Don't quite agree with what you say in the middle - for me it's a reasonably big publisher funded game about friendship, love, nostalgia, youth and growing up. And especially about letting go, or not letting go of your past decisions. Don't really see where "rape culture" fits in, more like entitled pricks getting their way. Female characters were chosen quite astutely, because the relationship would probably have been a bit different if it were male characters. In the end it really really worked out well. Also, maybe because I'm European, none of the "teen talk" stuff ever bothered me, it really was generalized enough so that the teens say reasonably appropriate with their memes and silly slang.

But the way choice making interacted with the primary mechanic (rewinding) and was really PART of the primary mechanic, not separate - really brilliant game design. As well as it working into the narrative.

It makes me wonder if and when they decide to make a "2", or a "Season 2 ", whether they will keep the mechanic, think of something else, or what... Hard to imagine. I know the life is strange subreddit was abuzz with ideas, but nothing stands out in my mind as perfect.

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I don't know if I'll ever watch it, even. At least not until next year, when I get around to playing the game.

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Life is Strange GBeast Playdate this Friday! Excited!

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It's the second game on my list this year. It was supposed to be first, until I decided to play this game called "Life is Strange" that has been sitting on my desktop for probably months.

Went in with very little expectations (only bought the whole season because I loved Remember Me).

Life is Strange is now my game of the year, if not the last few years.