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Haven't read most of them in years.

Night watch is probably the best. Rest of Vimes stuff is also amazing.

I really liked Carpe Jugulum. Small Gods. Thief of time.

Actually all of them are brilliant.

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This is both profoundly idiotic and depressingly shallow.

It is also horribly patronizing and completely expected.

It is all these things.

And I don't even want VR.

"Hey, look at these nerds, and the crazy technology they dream up! Isn't it wacky? Oh, and because INTERNET it's also our future! Aren't we all crazy and relevant? Check out our new VR-zine!"

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I think it's gonna be great. And if you want to see more mature rated action flicks, even non-serious ones like this, go see it. Because getting budget for it was a nightmare.

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Man Konami IS pretty messed up. Even though I didn't think it would be as surprising, it still is.

Although it's strange this showed up now... And seems a bit drastic and one sided. Maybe someone finally had enough? Could have happened earlier. Could also be employees soured after Konami turned away from games...

I wonder how this generally compares to other employers in Japan.

Also, every new restrictive law is Orwellian, not just the ones you disagree with.

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Meh. PC gamers can be patient. We've been accustomed to it.

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Oh my god my heart just jumped when I read the title. KOTOR II is one of my favorite RPGs of all time, a notch bellow the original KOTOR.

I remember following Team Gizka for a long time, waiting for restored content. But it took so long I lost interest. And I think that all fell apart.

This is amazing, though. Maybe it's about time to do another playthrough of those games :)

Oh, and also, make KOTOR III, please. Like, actually.

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Ooooh. I'm expecting great things.

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Looking at these awards, they tell me absolutely nothing at all about the quality of these games... In fact, they seem kinda weird. Maybe I've been reading about this stuff for too long... Like, do people pre-order based on E3 judges awards?

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There are too many great moments to count and remember, but I just got drunk for that one contract where you hunt a katakan... and Geralt is singing! I'm losing it. Especially because it's one of the shanties I heard so many times while playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.

This game is amazing.

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I'm too busy with the Witcher to care about all this right now...