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I only skimmed the article, it's a bit long and wordy.

So, I like playing as sexy badass girls. I think it's more because that's what I find attractive, and don't see the protagonist in a video game as myself. So I observe and shape the story of this protagonist.

I've never been immersed in a game enough to feel like it's "me" who's the main character. I'm at best an omniscient figure controlling the course of a story.

And if a game has deep customization, I'd rather fuss around something I find attractive rather than a male face.

I guess I played Mass Effect as default male shepard, mostly because that's who the story felt about from all the preview coverage, and didn't want to change it later because I had grown attached to the character. Maybe I missed out.

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I love the Eurovision.

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It's kind of interesting, in an experimental way. At least the guy isn't trying to make it something it's not.

Like a lake. It's definitely not a lake. It's a mountain.

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Wow, the Bombcast comments were locked before I even woke up this morning (it's a Wednesday thing for Europeans mostly). Must have been explosive?

Has that ever happened before? I think there might be a bit of a disconnect between what Giant Bomb staff expects from their audience... and the actual audience they have. And locking threads won't change that.

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This again. They're seemingly good people, at least the little I've heard. What gives? Start your own video game website. With poker and hookers.

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I think it's grammatically correct, at least it sounds correct to me, however I'm not a native English speaker. But using his or her seems easier if you know who you're talking about. You could use they if you don't know who you're talking about.

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Congratulations! Dan seems fun from the wrestling podcast. Hopefully they both shine in their new place.

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Vinny and Alex. Playing through some Yakuza game.

Bringing back Random PC Game.

Drew and Jeff become rival racecar drivers.

I dunno.

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Loud our last save, and Loud our last souls that spawned from it, as well as Random PC Game, are some of the best content that we've had since the time of the endurance run.

But Dave left, Vinny is moving to New York, Ian left, so the future is uncertain.

Of course they have to be optimistic. Present new changes as if they were planned, or offer a benefit.

Only time will tell.