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I also have a secret prediction of how this will end up, but we'll see.

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I already hate the lucky bastard that will get this.

I'll just pretend I wouldn't get the job just because I live in Lithuania.

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This would have been huge news.

A few years ago.

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74,1 million. And I'm planning to play DSII on PC so if I happen to win, give it to the next guy.

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The DLC was pretty good, but I felt a bit better about the story and how the universe wrapped after the main game. Now I don't really understand the ending. And the parts I do get seem pretty haphazard.

This just adds weird wrinkles to everything, and it's pretty depressing as well.

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OP sticking his head back in. I actually really like mouse and keyboard for most games, but I read that Dark Souls has terrible controlls for that so I decided to try something new.

I feel the precision of a mouse is better not only for fps games but anything where you need to survey your environment quickly, like third person stealth games. However I guess anything with analogue movement is better with a controller?

My main input wil stay kb+m, probably.

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Thanks again you guys! I own most of these and will try them when I have time :)

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Thanks! I own all the games you mentioned, played them with mouse and keyboard, so the mechanics won't pose a problem.

As far as what I enjoy, RPGs and third person action games are a good fit.

I suppose another important aspect is good controller support, because I can't really set up controlls without knowing what feels good.

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Last week I finally bought a controller to use on my PC. My end goal is to play Dark Souls I and II.

However I haven't really used a controller for maybe 10 years, the last time being local multiplayer Halo with some friends.

I need some advice from you gurus - what would be a good game or a couple of games to get a feel for the controller, preferrably purchasable on steam, because I found starting straight from Dark Souls to be not impossible, but still a bit jarring.

Being mouse and keyboard exclusive for that long I'm feeling really rusty.

I was thinking maybe Rogue Legacy, but maybe you have even better suggestions.

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I don't. Neither actively nor passively. I was raised Roman Catholic, but haven't done anything that resembles practicing a religion for a while, simply because I don't believe. And I'm pretty sure I have never believed.

My demographics aren't important for you, probably, because I'm not from the States. 24, male, from Lithuania, studying Medicine at Vilnius University.