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I used to look at Patrick's stuff, but not anymore.

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Pretty cool I guess. Although she always just looks 2D, is there supposed to be some sort of holographic, 3D aspect to the projection?

Also, Letterman continues to not give a fuck anymore, apparently.

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@dallas_raines: you seem really angry. Maybe calm down a bit.

And you're really great at generalising from scraps. Like what I believe from my posts history.

And you seem to think people are only allowed to be offended about the 'correct' things.

In fact there's a philosophical rift between what we believe in, so I don't see a productive discussion happening.

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If those websites want to retain their right to say what they want, they shouldn't have coordinated to silence discussion. Which was obvious even before the mailing lists were revealed.

Now people are trying to silence them through advertisement.

I myself believe everyone should have a right to say what they believe, however the websites we're talking about didn't agree.

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If there was a post arguing the opposite of this on the forums, it would get deleted in minutes.

That's why I'm pro gamergate. Gamergate is about internet celebrities making people shut up. And stay sitting. Complacent. And it's about some people that thought they ran the show and were untouchable.

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It happens all too often :'(

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I feel this news doesn't affect anyone in any way, except possibly Notch.

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Too heavy for me, man.

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Ever since the rumors started of a larger phone, I've found it funny how Apple is finally playing catchup to larger Android phones. When anyone suggesting a year ago that the iPhone was too small would have been ridiculed by fans :)

Also, of course they have a fancy braided watch strap. Of course.

EDIT: I looked, apparently there's three styles of strap to choose from. Well, ok.

Still. 5,5 is too large, never understood how anyone liked the Galaxy Note and similar phablets(!)