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There's plenty of harassment on both sides. Also belief that the side they are on is righteous, while the other is the devil. Bathing in a feeling of superiority.

If only it was ever clear cut.

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Well, I don't think I could handle more content with the time I have. Also, probably I'm not the only one who's paying premium so they can continue to make regular content as well. It gives them more freedom to do what they want.

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And Fuck You.

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Maybe he needs some extra money on the side? But I don't think that gig pays a lot.

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I'm a gamer. I play video games and know more about them than an average person. I consider it a hobby, a form of entertainment I enjoy.

I'm a person who plays video games.

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@defaultprophet: That's some contempt coming from you. But I understand, treating your opposition like children who don't understand, or evil people who don't want good, is a great defense tactic.

@andorski: Yes. Because the "gaming community" is the reason these guys have jobs at all. And they not only hold no respect for people who follow and enjoy their content, but treat them like imbeciles at best or malevolent assholes at worst.

What we're seeing is an influx of people who don't play games, care nothing for them, but see a space they can exploit easily and destroy for their own gains. It's tragic.

I will no longer respond to comments about this, because that's not what this thread is about, just reiterating my opinion.

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Less contempt for your audience.

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Banner Saga, Wolf Among Us, Luftrausers, Transistor, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Watch Dogs... Maybe I haven't played enough good games this year.