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I got this, because I have loved Godzilla games in the past.

Does this game deserve a 4.5 from IGN for poor graphics and repetitive gameplay? Absolutely! However, I do still think it's a fun game, especially if you're a fan of Godzilla movies. The roster is fairly large, with varied environments. The single player is certainly the worst part. You control Godzilla and try to destroy as much as you can. The goal of each level is to specifically blow up generators, but the more you destroy the bigger Godzilla will get. This is fun twice, and then gets super boring.

The part I legitimately enjoy is fighting other monsters. I played the online quite a bit last night. Yes, the monsters are very slow and turning is kind of rough. Other than that it's a super dumbed down fighting game. Triangle can throw and sweep, circle is a blast attack, X is a charge, and square is a basic three hit combo. You can also collect parts from the single player to upgrade the monsters abilities and get more moves.

Biolante is god tier.

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I pre-ordered the Little Mac Amiibo from Target's website. The day it was supposed to ship they cancelled the order. Apparently Toys R Us cancelled all of their orders for the newest few Amiibos as well. I scrambled to find Little Mac somewhere else, but every single online store is out of stock. Sorry, I could get it on Amazon for the hot markup price of $35.

Either this was a large screw-up on the retailers part, or Nintendo is producing way too few of these things. In this case the thing was basically discontinued before it even saw a retail release.

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Man, Digimon World 1 and 3 were great games. 2 was not so hot, but you're right that 4 was a hot piece of garbage.

What's crazy is that I tried to play it shortly after I had played a whole lot of Phantasy Star Online on the Gamecube. It tries to emulate PSO to a scary degree and fails in almost every way.

I also bought Data Squad for like $10 a few years back. I didn't play that one very much either...

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I found this handy GIF that shows how real Shulk is.

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@counterclockwork87: Thank you for posting that! I was looking on Ebay a few days ago and all I was seeing were ones going for over $200 or ones that were marked as PAL, but weren't

I was kind of put-off by the fact that most of the listings were wrong, but this fine gentlemen has it sitting right on top of the box with a PEGI 7 rating! You have enabled my addiction sir. Thank you so much!

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I picked up Inazuma Eleven when it was on sale for ten dollars a few weeks ago on the Eshop here in the US. I have since fallen in love with the series and want as much of it as humanly possible. I've already imported the second game since DS games will play on all DS systems.

This is where my issue comes in. I really want to play the third game, but it came out so late in Europe that Level 5 ended up putting it on the 3DS, which much to my dismay is region locked. The fourth game in the series has just come out in English as well, which I would also buy.

Yes, I realize this is insane, because I'd be importing a 3DS to essentially play 2 games (Possibly 4 if the other two Inazuma Eleven GO games get localized). My question is where can I import a reasonably priced European 3DS? Looking on PlayAsia I could get an XL for around $300, but I'd rather get a regular one for cheaper. They do have a hot Nintendogs+Cats bundle with a pink 3DS for $221, but I'd rather just get the 3DS.

Are there any other websites I could go to in order to make my insane import dreams a reality? Searching the UK Amazon I'd be able to get one for the reasonable price of $130ish, but they will definitely not ship it to the U.S.

Alternatively should I just get the Pink bundle off of PlayAsia to constantly remind me that I imported a European 3DS in order to play 2 games?

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@bbalpert said:

I think Jeff and Dan might like Ninja Scroll. It's basically just a string of fight scenes between a generic swordsman guy and a bunch of dumb villains, such as

  • Guy with stone skin
  • Lady made out of snakes
  • Girl who turns corpses into bombs
  • Hunchback whose hump is also a giant beehive (he's my favorite)

I may be imagining this, but I think they talked about Ninja scroll on something recently. Alexis was talking about how awesome it was and Jeff said he had seen and enjoyed it. Am I crazy, or did this happen?

Anyways, I've never seen Ninja Scroll, but you pretty much sold me on it.

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@cbk486 said:

It seems strange the game is available for purchase before the reviews come out. Thanks though!

Yeah, that's always been a bit weird to me as well. It makes sense though, because of time zones and all that fun stuff.

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@karkarov said:

I would strongly advise people wait for reviews and or go to watch video to see for themselves. Neir was a solid enough game, the Drakengards have always been janky as hell, had characters that were less than likable, and had stories that made even less sense than Neir.

I did not know this, but I really liked Neir so I decided to pick it up. I've played like two hours so far and am just not really getting into it. It's definitely not helping that the frame rate is constantly terrible.

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I've noticed some weird problems when I play with my dualshock 4's. All 4 people playing were using them, but one person was always winning. We took that controller and shook it quite violently, but it didn't even start to vibrate. While all of the other controllers we shook were out instantly.

This doesn't happen with the move controllers we were using.