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124441 Mamoru Endo Character Overview Endou is in every Inazuma Eleven Game. In the GO series he is the Raimon GO coach. 07/27/14 12:56AM 11 Approved
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92492 Tamagotchi Party On Game Overview Added a basic description of what the game is. 03/09/14 09:53PM 38 Approved
92489 Tamagotchi Party On Game Overview I removed Lula Virtual Babe as a similar game. This is a weird Mario Party knockoff where you try to become the president. No sex is involved. 03/09/14 09:50PM 2 Approved
49345 Tales of Xillia Game Overview Added some of the 8-4 employees listed in the credits. 08/13/13 01:08AM 4 Approved
34276 Remember Me Game Overview Nillin talks to Edge through an earpiece of some kind 06/05/13 08:44PM 2 Approved
25257 Darkstalkers Franchise Overview There were three unrelated characters I missed the first time. 04/25/13 10:45PM 6 Approved
25256 Darkstalkers Franchise Overview All of these characters were not ever in a Darkstalkers game. 04/25/13 10:43PM 52 Approved
2086 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Game Releases Added Nippon Ichi as the developer and publisher of the Japanese release. 02/14/13 02:37PM 16 Approved
1667 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Game Overview Added a plot and some of the new/returning features 02/13/13 11:54PM 374 Approved