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Phew! I thought Vinny was leaving GB and glad that's not the case. Good luck and welcome back to the east coast!

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The title says it all. Will to trade for some older or new indie stuff if you'd like. Or I might just give them away.

Who knows?!

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@patrickklepek spitting white hot fire on this one.

I don't know if this is a feature you can do soon (for obvious reasons) but at some point I would love to read about the discussions Microsoft senior members were having before E3 about their online strategy and what the discussion looked like this week. How unified was the company on these policies going into E3? Is there going to be internal corporate fallout for this decision? Is the customer always right? Each question leads to a number of other.

There's a much larger, more interesting story here that I'd love to see you write. Great work!

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@video_game_king: Message me for Hotline Miami cause that response was pretty awesome.

@sulc84: Message me for Walking Dead

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Hey duders,

Thanks to this week's Humble Bundles I have an extra key for Telltale's Walking Dead and Hotline Miami. If anyone wants to trade spare keys I'm up for that. There's also a chance I might just give the keys away too. Who knows.

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@shagge said:

"Well, that was a phenomenal waste of everyone's time."

- Ryan Davis


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After playing for a few hours today I can confidently say there are at least 4 tapes... :-P

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You will be missed Dave! Thanks for everything!

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They've proven that they can make some great games; why not let them do something original if they want?