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I like toucans and llamas. I slave away at 2D/3D graphics and music composition all day long.
I don't like turtles.
I'm also 24 and like long walks on the non-existent beaches of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
Despite what you may have heard, New Mexico is not part of Mexico! Now that that is straightened out--
It is cold right now, O-K!
I talked to myself recently about music and found out I only like game music. Who knew?
I also have a habit of talking in different voices, randomly.
I play a-lot of Heroes of Newerth and TF2, the newbies must pay with their lives...
My favorite game of all time is either Star Ocean 2 or Final Fantasy VI, I will never be able to decide.
Alright, back to unwrapping my model! See you later! WHOA! 

Fun Fact: I already own two pretty good Hardware Midi Synthesizers and want more! Amazing! 
Fun Fact 2: I do an accurate impression of Mickey Mouse, but I get embarrassed.