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I beat Molly on hard. It was pretty brutal.

I also bought everything, and got every class to 40. The temple door says it's not finished for me either.

Gabe is the best physical damage dealer in the game with Masochist Str up -> Tube Str up -> Power Up -> Pulverize, doing about 55k to 75k each time he does it to enemies that have been Ichor'ed by JIm.

You can also land tons of damage by using Terrastigma on a single enemy like 3-4 times then using Entomb over and over again while equipped with Living Salts/Earth/Whatever.

Moira seems like the best as cordwainer/elementalist.

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I hope they have alternate models you can buy and use, I really don't like what they went with for viper.

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"naaaa you don't understand how DOTA works." Period.

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Who even asked if pokemon would be on a mobile device? Isn't it a given that its going to be on a nintendo handheld to help sell it?

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You guys disappoint me, deeply. Shame on you.

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I really like the 3d, it looks like the entire world has depth in the 3DS. I like to keep it on, I just wish my eyes were better/more tolerant for it.

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I'm super excited for it, and will not mind waiting in front of walmart to grab it on day one.
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This is super exciting, im sold and stoked. Can you imagine mario kart on this thing with everyone having their own screen to look at? How about an warioware game on this using all the tablet-controller functions? amazing!

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I need an Abra (white only, found in the white forest), I'll trade you something catch-able in the wild only on black, like Murkrow. I'm also interested in trying entra-link with someone.

I'm also in need of a gastly.