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i haven't heard anything, or i've heard 'yeah, well, it would have been so much better if i was right'

it was pretty typical conspiracy theorising, bend everything you can into a meaningful extension of the idea and ignore everything that doesn't fit. but it was quite a fun idea i guess so whatever.


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it's pretty ridiculous sure, especially with 2 rings on with 3x fidget.

but also lots of fun. i don't really care that much about balance in single players games if you get to fly around the place like a loon like with this

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something between yes and no. i watch them all but they're often not the best.

they can be good though, just as good as a normal QL, depending on who is showing the game off and how cool they are

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the notre dame level from timesplitters 2 came to mind first for some reason

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it's their eyes especially i find really ugly. i don't care about furries it's just that that's the only place i've seen this character design before you know and i think the way they're drawn and their eyes are just not ... good.

there's some other things about the art i'm not sure about too, as others have said. i don't know enough terminology to describe what i'm trying to get at though so i guess never mind.

but! i'm still loving the game, the combat's so much fun and all the other systems are cool too. the writing's pretty sharp too, just a slight shame it's performed (purposefully i guess?) in the style of a bad anime dub.

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yep. he said something sexist and shitty and got called on it, should apologise. that's pretty much it.

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@EGLSzzhang said:

This piece is not fair to EGLS. We work hard to bring amazing work to the West and we are only met with angry. Why is there anger toward a small group trying to make game inspired from prestige? The evidence to refute the evidence of Rubic Games is set in stone, yet we receive no respects. Is it because EGLS is from China? We do not copy! We only use other work as a way to make new ideas!

Maybe next time Patrick wait for a response from EGLS before he go and make another article? Maybe next time he is fair, instead of making bad of little foreign company? We have right to make game just like the rest of industry powerful houses.


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@ProfessorK said:

Alpha Protocol is complete trash gameplay wise. Yes It is very ambitious and original and deserves a follow up game, but it got to a point where it was so busted that I realized I could not finish the game as a stealth character without pulling my teeth out.

I'm not sure how that's even possible to be honest ... stealth is so overpowered, you can end up just walking around without a care in the world, snapping necks, turning instantly invisible should anyone glance in your general direction. And the pistol's chain-shot attack thing is the single most powerful ability in the entire game.