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AP is amazing. Doing a playthrough of that game and picking the aggressive option every single time is one of the best things you'll ever do.

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any of the small dudes really

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It's like a cross between Jet Set Radio and P.N.03

Wouldn't a Dazzler game have a touch of Dance Central, Space Channel 5 and Fantavision in it too?

Yes all of those too.

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It's like a cross between Jet Set Radio and P.N.03

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This isn't a "project", there is nothing to "kickstart". They're attempting to tweak an already-successful business model. It's weird and I don't get it.

That's the weirdest thing really. I don't care if they want to start a subscription type thing with shitty membership 'rewards' on their own site ... but it makes no sense that it's on Kickstarter. Apart from 'that's where people get money from these days I guess??' - as you said, this isn't even a project, it's just giving them money and maybe something will change a bit on their website.

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jesus christ really? for no ads? it's not like those ads are even that annoying

No ads ... for a single year. Then they'll do it again.

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Absolutely. You know what? FF7 is a great game.

For one thing, I don't think the materia system has been beaten in terms of being simple to learn but having really complex possibilities. So that's interesting to get into. I like the big party you build up, and most of the characters therein. It may be really over-wrought at times, but it also has a sense of humour about itself quite often. It's a cool game.

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Having finished the game now ... probably S&O yes. But my mistake there was firstly trying to do it in the more difficult order (to make it easier to do it the other way in NG+) and then I was just too focussed on trying to kill one of them as quickly as possible instead of just staying alive and being sensible.

Only sticking point really. Capra demon killed me a bunch just cos I couldn't get past him and into some space. First time I did that he died. I think I killed most things first time actually which I'm pretty proud of ... Asylum, Gaping, Queelag, Sif, Priscilla, Ceaseless, Firesage, Four Kings, Pinwheel, Nito, Gwyn. All the others took 2 (including the Butterfly, which is a bit embarrassing) apart from those mentioned and the Bed of Chaos cos I fell down a hole about 5 times.

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queelag's is pretty garbage if you ask me

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