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it's great but if you're not desperate i'd just wait for borderlands 2. seems like it'll be the perfect kind of sequel, keeping all the best bits and fixing all the problems, bigger better and more refined. plus you could just jump right in, it's not like you're missing a massive amount story-wise.

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I only watched Brad and Ryan's run through of the game, and I really enjoyed it.

you should definitely watch VJ though

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hope they take across some of the features they were talking about - super powers? shit like that, let's do it.

also destructible buildings but you know, that won't happen ever. but.

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use mystic knight and destroy everything in about 5 seconds.

Huh? What did I miss? How?? 0_0

Just ... be a mystic knight? Holy enchant through your shield, lay a sigil down and as many canons as you'd like to risk, then wail on them all with the antler toss move. A billion enchanted homing missiles fly out and that should deal with the lich at least. Hounds will get knocked away by the sigil, only problem is if the chimera decide to attack you. They'll take a massive amount of damage by getting into the sigil and your line of fire but still might stop you working the canons.

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that's the only chamber I just decided to leave as well, so i don't know. it's really easy to get overwhelmed by everything. i guess change your class if you really want to kill everything, lich are weak to holy so have that enchant if possible on a ranged class ... or just use mystic knight and destroy everything in about 5 seconds.

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i'll give it a try tonight, nice one if true

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lara. her name is lara

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@Chroma_Auron: best bit is there was some evo psych study saying women prefer pink because it helped them spot berries in prehistoric times.

That's kinda the main problem with it, ... typically take something which exists today, assumes it is the correct or 'natural' way things should be, and then casts an eye back and tries to find a reason why that is. So, the complete opposite of how actual science should run.

I'm not super well informed about the specifics though to be honest, but it's very contentious and outright ignored (I mean, in relation to this specific issue) by most people. Here's something I just found which kinda runs through a few interesting points nicely though - http://www.science20.com/michael_taft/why_evolutionary_psychology_pisses_you_and_why_maybe_it_shouldnt-87622

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@EveretteScott: people shouting 'misandry' deserve to be made fun of. the only problem is that those making fun of them will rarely explain why, and so those raising the issue of men's right typically assume it's because people don't care about issues affecting men. when in actuality it's because they are pinning the cause of these problems on ridiculous ideas.

misandry itself - firstly on the subject of 'not existing', essentially it doesn't. but! everyone shouts. but! there's loads of women who hate men! ... okay, sure, there are women that hate men. but in discussions of these issues at large, we are talking out against endemic, accepted and ingrained behaviours of our society. misandry simply does not exist on this level - and, hold on a second - 'but what about the men', i know. here:

secondly - on the issue of using misandry as the cause of any (most i guess) issues men have, is in itself typically misguided and totally inaccurate. this is the greatest shame of all because in reality we are all fighting against the same thing - misogyny and accepted patriarchal norms. misogyny firstly defines and then excludes - defines characteristics as masculine and that these characteristics are desirable, even correct. correct especially in men. defines characteristics as feminine, that these are inferior - and as such, not only are women carrying these characteristics inferior, but men displaying them are as well.

and so, men who don't behave in a 'manly' way are belittled and often discriminated against. that's the real damage behind people blaming misandry for stuff - it creates gender division, it says 'here's men's problems over here caused by misandry, and there's women's problems over there caused by misogyny' like we're in some pitched battle. when in reality - we are all in the same battle against a common enemy. we are all defined by and expected to act in a certain way by the culture & society we live in, and are punished for straying from what has become considered correct or normal.

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Fact of the matter is, I don't go to e3, but if some attractive women want to dress up in skimpy clothing for money it's their choice. No one made them, so let it be. Same with porn stars, artists, writers, and Hollywood for both sexes. We are a sexual species through and through. If you see something sexualized that makes you uncomfortable in the media it's best to move on. Sex, it's almost as old as life itself, accept it.

This. It's as if the gaming press expect us to believe that these "booth babes" (I hate this term) were hoodwinked into working E3 - like they woke up one day in a bath full of ice with a Wii U shirt on and an E3 pass around their neck. They're adults and they can make their own decisions.

literally no-one has ever suggested this?