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a) no-one thinks it actually matters, b) when lots of people are doing the same kind of thing in the same place (i.e. a press conference) it's natural for others to consider who did it 'best'.

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@Tennmuerti: @Karkarov: since you guys are talking assassin - are there any really helpful augments from either fighter or warrior to bring across?

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you could always use twitter as a kind of build-your-own discussion forum, I'd say it's worked out pretty well for me, and you get exposed to / can discuss a great variety of stuff from around the web as it is shared.

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i basically dragged my entire family to the cinema to see it when it came out ... and then i felt a bit bad afterwards. sorry guys. i remember even then thinking of a simple way they could have made the ending a million times better, but i can't recall what the ending actually was or what my exact thinking was.

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@Hunter5024: it's less that people are going to ignore them, and more than new consoles and their games are going to be the focus of a hell of a lot of attention. There's a slight difference I think ... and I'm usually a year or two 'late' with hopping onto new consoles (actually just waiting to see if their game selection gets any good) so will be enjoying this generation for a long time to come yet, but everything definitely goes on the back-burner when new hardware arrives - not because the old stuff is lesser or games stop coming out for it, just because the new stuff becomes the focus for attention.

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Now I'm in the end-game I'm trying everything out, and max-ing out all the vocations, it's been a lot of fun. My 'proper' route through was mage - sorcerer - mystic knight, and mystic knight is absolutely ridiculous really. So powerful and a lot of fun.

I've gone through strider, ranger and I'm on to assassin now. It's been a lot of fun too although I feel I might have screwed myself over a bit stick with magic classes all the way so far - in other words, I feel a little weak and squishy to be playing these roles now. But it's been great and everything takes on a different feel, have certainly taken down bosses a lot quicker than before as well with the greater precision.

What I'm really looking forward to though is going onto magick archer ... I think with my high magic stat and bringing in some abilities/augments from the ranger/strider etc. it's gonna be pretty damn powerful. Only just started assassin though so I'm gonna follow that through all the way, as I hear it's kind of joint top for most over-powered with mystic knight but as I say, because of how I've levelled so far I might not be able to get the most out of it.

So ... favourite vocation? I have no idea, they're all awesome so far.

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@Bobby_The_Great said:

I too just bought it, and I'm excited for the hype on the story.

Main problem is that the game packs all the best things away about the story in the ending or even in the ending after the 3rd or 4th time you finish the game. So, don't expect massive things to begin with I guess ... although when you've got Kaine and Weiss with you, the over-arching story doesn't seem to matter so much as any scene with either of them in is golden.

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@Brodehouse I agree, and really I don't think it would hurt the game to leave a lot of that shit out. You can still be crazy without being a bit hateful about it - stuff like getting super powers is awesome, fun for everyone, and mechanically interesting at the same time.

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majora's mask

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maybe no-one should talk about their levels of sexual arousal at a press conference