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All I see are light-hearted jokes. 
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" I will probably be hailed as an idiot for this opinion, but i really liked the Gamecube controller.  I really liked how they arranged the face buttons.  The only downside to that controller may have been the C-stick, but I did not play many shooters on the Gamecube, so I was fine with it.  Actually, the C-stick worked really good with sports games. "
I'm with you on that, I really liked it too. My favourite bit, as with all Nintendo controllers, is the octagonal rings around the sticks which make diagonals really easy to hit if needs be. Should be default on all controllers but I believe they're got it protected. 
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Last 'cast was awesome right through, some hilarious stuff in there.

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It's at least worth watching someone else play it. 

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Romance and relationship isn't really the point of Elder Scrolls, it's about a singular hero, adventure and exploration. So, definitely not in the Bioware vein of things anyway, where romance goes hand in hand with having a squad along with you and building up a relationship with the various members. But, certainly, some more personal interaction with NPCs and named characters beyond just picking up quests from them or small-talk could be included and done well without changing the core 'purpose' of the experience. 

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After three years my analogue sticks are almost worn smooth and the right stick has developed a slight unresponsive dead zone in the centre. Hardly noticeable most of the time but sometimes it'll get me killed when quick reactions are needed. Gonna pick up a Razer Onza ASAP though so that'll be nice.

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Good choices all, don't have much else to add myself really.  
Man ... the DS has got such a good library. I never really thought about it before. 

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I'll let you know when I stop.

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AP for me. On my 3rd playthrough currently.

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Just what Kinect was made for, opening car doors.