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I'm game to play with people. Steam ID is the same username.

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I don't want to get anyone's hopes up (most of all my own) but this did briefly appear as well:

Oh lawdy.

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Yeah I'll check the mail but my copy hasn't arrived yet. Might have to duck out this one sadly.

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Oh god stop yelling at me uguu. I'm still waiting for my import cause I'm old fashioned like that and "lolmiltaryshippingaddresseslol".

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@mcwingstar: Took a couple of hours, but I beat the two main bosses. Grave of the Dead? Do you mean the Grave of Saints that you drop down into from Majula? Anyway...

Given what Vendrick says when you visit his memory after completing the first DLC, it seems the Crowns pre-date his rule, meaning squid lady Elana predates Nashandra (or maybe they're one and the same and Manus lady just gets reborn each time?). I'm more interested as to why Benhart is available for that fight, along with the comment of "you don't deserve the mire" when you enter the arena. also, wtf is with the stone mural?

The Vorgh [sp] ring you pick up in the arena and spear you make from the soul offer some insight into Sinh and Vorgh, although it's not clear what significance either of them have yet so far.

As to a wild/dumb theory, Matt Lees recently reiterated the position in his vid of another DS2 critic that Dark Souls 2 overall is a bizarre meta-commentary on the fleeting nature of sequels, a theory which explains why the game has a various amount of middling aspects to it when held up against its predecessors. If this is the case (it likely isn't), then it's both a stupidly smart and self-aware thing to do, and at the same time incredibly damning. In other words, they knew they couldn't make a game that could live up to the expectations, so they intentionally screwed it up in places, backing the idea up with the vague lines about "desire" and "want" and degenerative "cycles", and the player directly being addressed as the one to "break" said cycle. Except you're not breaking the cycle at all, because you bought the damn game and are playing it, meaning both the production cycle and any subsequent's game's quality will continue to spiral downwards.


To be fair Benhart pokes his head into a lot of weird places, including, y'know, the past. I think the story of Shulva is pretty self contained so I was pretty happy that all the answers regarding itself. It doesn't provide much in the way of answers for the main game's lore. The Dragon Mural making another appearance again makes a lot connections but even more questions. If Shulva is underneath Black Gulch then I guess it's not to much to wonder they heard of the Dragon Shrine but worshiping dragons or not, it's a little overboard to make a mural way bigger then the source... unless Shulva was the idea for the Dragon Shrine's. Grrr, too many questions.

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Ah hell, this will be taking away from my "I should practice Blazblue but I'm just gonna play Dark Souls 2" time, but I put more time into Melty Blood before BB so...

PSN is same as username.

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It doesn't help since the i-frames are reduced in half on the pc since it is 60fps unlike consoles which have 30fps. Thats pretty bad programming to be honest. :/

Ugh you serious? That's kinda a bummer.

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Parry The Pursuer in front of a balliste then shoot him with it, and then wack him with anything once. Done.

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@sunbrozak: No description sold me any special effect, for any item, except when it's written : "Effect : does this" or if the description clearly state that a weapon does something. "Good fortune" is too vague. So I still don't see the stuff. For me, it's pretty much like I-can't-remeber-which-weapon that said previous owners met a bloody fate, It didn't make me die more often than any other weapon.

Yeah it is just flavor text. Really it adds character to the shield because in reality during those medieval times of swords and axes there were surely tons of people who named their swords or shields etc etc. In truth they were no better than any other similarly made item, but they felt it was lucky and so it was. The people who feel text like that is trolling take the games backstory too seriously and are reading more into it than there actually is.

Except when there's stuff like the King's Crown, which increases INT and FTH by 3, or Velsadt's Helm, that increases the equip load, that aren't listed in their descriptions. I think it's fair to wonder about all text.

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Solaire may have been the one who linked the fire, since it says a saint did it and he seems to be regarded as a saint in other flavor text. In DS1 you see him link the fire in his world if you summon him for the fight with Gwyn regardless of what you decide to do.

Wait, where/when does this happen? I beat the game for the first time 2-3 months ago, summoned Solaire for Gwyn and did the Dark Lord ending and I definitely didn't see this.

Nah that's just a heap of bullshit. There's an interview that makes it Word of God that if Solarie lives, he lights the fire. If anything the Sublime Bone Dust is a reference to the Chosen Undead for all we know.