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Endurance Run Style for me. I just recently completed all of Fallout 3 and I played it for 120 hours over a month and a half. I usually only play one 'Big' RPG at a time.

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Might work if they run it in a 800x600 window and watch a show/movie at the same time.

Sadly that is so true.

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I wouldn't mind having a Bombcast East & Bombcast West. The problem is will they over lap with format and what they talk about?

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I have a PC, so I have no real need to get a PS4, Xbone.

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Yes that show was Fucking Amazing, Really like the characters and World. Hell it was good enough that both my parents watched it.

I was just kinda sad when it ended. I wanted more!

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I don't like that idea then in order to comment on live streams from twitch we will have to have a Google+ Account.

And I kinda like how we have 2 different services by 2 different company's, I don't really want Google to have a monopoly on Live Steaming also.

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Minecraft would have to be it for me since according to Xfire I have over 1000 hours into it.Followed by The Elder Scroll 4: Oblivion I have played this game over 7-9 times now each play through didn't mean I beat the game but Damn that was awesome. Skyrim will probably over take Oblivion at some point when I get back into it. Fallout 3 is also a game I got really into. And for my MMO it would have to be Runescape probably put 2000 if not more hours into the game when I was younger.

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Soda, or you know the actual name of what I'm drinking. EX: Coke, Pepis, ect.

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I never used the site myself, which is sad it looks pretty awesome. But that is pretty terrible for someone to just shut down and leave everyone confused and angry, even more so with none of this being shared with the sites users. Everyone should be given a reason and be reimbursed and given ample time to move to another site.

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I used to break or slam the keyboard or mouse when I was younger, I'm glad I've out grown that. Now all I do is slam the nice foam keyboard pad (Not the kind that is attached to the keyboard) and depeding on what game I am playing have a 3 try rule and if I can't beat/complete what I am trying to do in the 3 tries I have, I stop and get off the game. Now that is only for certain games and is mostly talking about Single player. Multiplier is a lot different fuck that if I keep dying. For things like RTS which some times can take an hour or 2 dying sometimes means restarting which means I'm getting off the game and taking a break.

If that makes any sense to someone great! But that is kinda what I do when I play games so I don't get that mad.