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First of all, I'm not a beard guy, so take this with a grain salt.

Your moustache looks pretty weak and uneven, don't think anything great will there. The chin beard is definitely better and if you cut it, it could probably look pretty sharp. That's just a question of, do you want that look?

Personally I think you look better clean shaven though. And I think the era of beard trendyness is starting to come to a close.

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Uncharted 2 is awesome, Uncharted 1 and 3 are pretty medicore. Calling any of them unplayable is just purely ridiculous though.

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Gawker can die for all I care. Someone will pickup Kotaku.

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Besides BC, Cuphead looking amazing and Sea of Pirates at least looking interesting, the Microsoft conference really didn't have a whole lot.

Both Halo and the Gears demo was pretty unimpressive, the Elite controller is 150$ and Hololens is both years of and seem to have much more limited appliance to games than regular VR.

The Microsoft partnership with Oculus is also complete fluff so far. Using a Xbox controller in VR instead of motion controllers sounds like a half experience. Overall the Microsoft conference wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly amazing.

E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year and "winning it" is about creating hype and making a splash that causes headlines that get out to as many gamers as possible (also the ones not watching the confrences). Nobody was even close to Sony in that regard this year.

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Drew is the classic young and kind hearted protagonist, he is the obvious answer.

Vinny is his old and wise mentor that Drew is forced to kill on his way to the top.

Jeff is the main antagonist, who's only goal in life is to become more powerful and fuck shit up because he can.

Dan is the young guy who thinks he can win it all (basically thinks he's the protagonist), but vastly overestemates his own abilities and gets killed by Jeff.

The rest are mostly fodder enemies/foes meant to be killed (sorry guys), but Austin manages to talk his way out of getting killed by Drew and still roams around by the end, ready to return for the sequel.

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Kinda burned out on the Arkham games, but this might get me back in.

If the Batmobile doesn't completly ruin the game for GB (especially Jeff) this might be another goty contenter. Even though we're only half way through the year I already can't wait for the goty podcasts, it's gonna be a bloodbath (and I'll get mad when Bloodborne gets shafted).

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:( coolest dude out there.. He lived a long life and achieved great things though, can't wish for more.

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Well done, awesome video. Looking forward to Brad going up against Abhorent and Bloodletting beast,

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Verendus is known to troll a bit as well. I'm guessing a lot of it is true, but some is probably just bullshit or is so early in planning that there's still a big chsnce we never get it.

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That article makes the guy sound super pretentious, but I can't say I think it's a bad thing that somebody is trying something new with preview articles. If you want a regular preview there are already 50 other sites delivering that, I can respect doing something different even if you end up sounding like an ass.