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I got one for Clash. I was playing the demo and died; I wanted to load my game rather than "continue" but I don't see a "load game" option anywhere. I'll figure it out... maybe.

It seemed like a decent game, but it's hard to tell from 15 minutes.

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@bcjohnnie said:

I just bought it yesterday. I loved the original, and they preserved the gameplay. I think they did a lot of work patching this game up to get rid of the glitches (although there are a few minor bugs lingering, like the speech switching from english to german and back sometimes). It's a really interesting medieval economics sim with a lot of depth, you can build a dynasty in a bunch of different professions, rise to political power, spy on enemies, etc. NOTE: I bought the pack of both for $6.75, but since then I found out that the "expansion" is really a stand-alone, so it seems like there's no reason to buy the original (it was only another $2.50, so I'm not complaining). I hope this helps, I say buy it up before it goes off sale in 2 hours!

The Renaissance Expansion has no tutorial, and for people who haven't played before that's a big deal.

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I am disappointed that some members of any community think that competition doesn't require good sportsmanship, which sexual harassment clearly is not. I was expecting to see something that was clearly not sexual harassment under discussion, but am disappointed that I did not. I would like to see esports taken seriously, and I hate to see any competition besmirched by poor sportsmanship.

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Put off the "sequel" long enough and nobody is going to care about it because they won't remember the original. Make your money while you can.

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The primary difference between computer games and console games from a gameplay standpoint is the interface. I have noticed that games that are made to run on consoles (in general) tend to suffer from sub-optimal controls on the PC, and that makes me sad. I'm frustrated every time the potential of the keyboard is neglected, or when the game doesn't feel right unless you have a controller. I recall From Dust had atrocious controls on PC, so I think the PC version suffered greatly.

The usual "suffered" complaints usually get aimed squarely at graphics, though, and I don't put that very high on my list of priorities when rating a game. If it works and doesn't make me fall to the floor frothing at the mouth, I'm content.

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I did MMOs for a while with my old girlfriend. I always found Mario Kart to be fun, but that isn't "cooperative".

I'm not sure how hardcore your girlfriend is; I liked Terraria, although the difficulty in that game might be too high for her.

[quote]girlfriend and I enjoy playing Dungeon Defenders together.

She likes her pink mage :)[/quote]

I hear that's a cute game. I thought it was okay myself; I was put off by the aesthetic choice, but it's not too bad.

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There's role-play and there's roll-play, but they both get called roleplaying. Emphasizing combat wouldn't disqualify Skyrim from being an RPG.

It seems like you think the game isn't that great.

If you think there's a better game candidate for game of the year, name it and tell us why it is better than Skyrim. A decidedly mediocre game could steal game-of-the-year in an awful year, just because there's nothing better out. I don't expect us to realize that keeps happening until years from now, though.

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Blizzard's argument seems to be more that DoTA is a trademark of Blizzard and their development community, and that Valve can't/shouldn't have exclusive rights to the name.

My personal thoughts on the issue is that DoTA has become something that is used in the community to describe a particular kind of game. I know I've seen DoTA maps on Warcraft 3 for years (but I didn't realize it was that long), and I know that I describe that type of game as "like DoTA". Basically, I think DoTA is bigger than either one of these two corporations, and has been around long enough that if it hasn't been trademarked before, it is because its creators wanted to keep it open.

I don't know the details of Valve's involvement in the development, unfortunately, but I know Blizzard provided the tools to get started.

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Everyone who has played it says "It is very much like Oblivion, but a bit cleaned up so it's better". It looks like a pretty standard Bethesda game, so you can probably base your decision on their past work.

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The hate on the used market is misplaced; I buy used for consoles because of the price, and because I tend to be late coming to the marketplace because of how long it takes me to save up the cash for the systems. If I could pick up an older game brand-spanking-new at the same price as a used game, I would do so in a heartbeat every time. I simply can't participate in the market when prices stay so high, though. It's a matter of economics.