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Put simply, I am more likely to buy an Xbox than those other services, but making everything cheaper makes me more willing to buy it.

I'm not a "pay for television" kind of guy. I'm a dinosaur who remembers the old days of "broadcasting", back when TV and even radio were completely free to the consumer, and I tend to think passive entertainment ought to be free.

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But in all seriousness it makes sense why this was taken down. It doesnt matter how stylized the graphics are, it depicts people killing themselves, illegal child labor and the most obvious thing it does is openly insult the company who owns the device he is trying to put the game on.

With all that said do I support apples decision? No, I am all for open systems, but if I ran apples app store I personally wouldn't let this shit on there.

Also I would like to try this, but this guy has another thing coming if he thinks I am going to pay a dollar to experience this "game"

For the record, the child labor is not illegal in most countries where it is practiced, and many of the things provided to consumer culture are made through child labor. I think the point was more to generate discussion than to sell you a particular game. I don't think his end goal was "make money".

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What's that? It's a system where anonymous "this game sucks" reviews can cut into your pay, and you don't know who to look at first? I'll give you a hint: He pays the check that gets smaller.

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I personally think this is a joke. Why?

Obviously, they're making a lot of great changes from Oblivion and Morrowing, but they keep removing RPG elements which isn't good for someone who enjoys RPGs (duh). Although, devs don't care because they now want to appeal to another audience, an audience that would never play a RPG that takes a lot of "effort." Another example is how they removed athletic and acrobatic skills. People say you level up in those skills by simple playing the game anyway. Sure, but it's nice to see my character becoming stronger from walking from town to town, rather than fast traveling.

All in all, I like having skills I have to rank up, dedicate time to and manage my equipment. It seems most of you don't agree with that last sentence, but I'm not going to say you're wrong or you're a casual gamer. Like I said before in this thread, everyone has their own opinion and I'm not going to argue it.



I don't really enjoy the "maintenance" aspect of RPGs.  I find repairing equipment to be really annoying and tedious, and it serves very little role within the game.  Most games use it as a money sink, with no beneficial effect on the gameplay.  "Managing Equipment" seems to mean something different to us, because I thought of it as having proper equipment, not returning to town every so often to patch things up.

Having skills to rank up is fun, but is "walking" really a skill, and is it actually fun to invest your time and energy into learning how to walk at a reasonable pace?  I looked at the numbers for "Athletics", and they required you to walk a really ridiculously long time.  I'd rather be able to move throughout the world reasonably from the beginning of the game.  For realism, yes, walking is totally a skill, as is running (they'd be separate skills if you asked me), but they generally aren't interesting or fun skills.

There are some parts of Oblivion that I really do find so tedious I have trouble playing that game, and I'm happy to see some of the tedium go.

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I find myself pretty much always regretting trade-ins, so I just don't do it and try to buy used instead.

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The classic example would be Star Ocean:  The Second Story, which has beautiful backgrounds that your sprite-characters walk around over, and generally bad combat scenes.  The game was fun and I like it, but that problem was so glaring that I frequently found myself wishing the scenes were ugly just so the characters would look better.

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It sounds like if you're goal oriented and finish it as quickly as possible, then you've got a 20 hour game on your hands, but if you prefer to explore and enjoy that then you have a 40 hour game.

I happened to end up with this game, and I started it but haven't finished it. 

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Too many relevant pre-order options makes me an unhappy camper.  What happened to pre-order bonuses being small, ultimately irrelevant bonuses, like skins or a good early boost (that becomes irrelevant later)?

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You know, I think it's about a cost/value deal, even though I don't think most players are hitting on that angle right now.  If the game only costs $20 or even less, then you can get away with having only 20 hours of content.  When you're dropping $60 for a game, you don't want for it to be worthless to you after 10 hours (as RPGs tend to be after completing them the first time).

There's a frequent comparison to books, and I think that's fair for RPGs, especially those that focus on story.  But a paperback costs ~$8 brand new, much less than that used, and you still probably take a few days to get through it.  A 10 hour game can be completed in two days (or one if you're obsessed/intent).  Maybe using books as a standard is more clever than we thought.

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I usually prefer to let the music set the tone for the game, but I have had a few games whether the music was not a good fit and I've subbed in randomness.  I'll also sometimes shut the music off when I go to a game like Farmville, if I already have music playing.