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That's some talented FUD.

It's broken both on the PS4 and the Xbone. All because of the whole DRM flip-flopping fuckery.

Sony saw MS' Xbone conference and thought "Oh shit. DRM is a bad fucking move. Let's get this out of the way" and changed it back to non-DRM(The GB crew even commented on this and if it comes out officially, no one should be suprised)

The only problem was that they had the entire network structure based around DRM and always online. They had to rebuild the entire thing, which lead to games like Driveclub and Watchdogs being delayed.

This is why you never buy a console at launch, people.

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@dagbiker said:

This is not really a good game at all. The only story is delivered through notes that you have to search for, or pre rendered, or clearly scripted cut scenes. In comparison uncharted 3, that also had notes, were mostly related to side stories. The main narrative, told through interactive scripted cut scenes, while still being scripted, kept you involved and emotionally attached to drake and the others. At no point, while watching the many cut scenes of what's his name and Ellen Paige did I ever feel involved, because I was only included when they wanted to shoot something.

The only real core story that's found in notes has to do with the ending. The fact you mentioned Ellen Page (and can't even spell her name right) about The Last of Us shows how little you got from the game. I feel sorry for you.

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Gotta say I can't really agree with Patrick about this. Currently PSN has a better 'sharing' solution than Valve does and you can play a game simultaneously. Having everyone else kicked out when the master account logs in makes this useless for 99.9% of the people. Especially for hardcore gamers like ourselves.

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@Savutano: You have no soul.

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@AhmadMetallic: I don't agree at all. This is a pretty big news story, it deserves to be told. And being able to interview someone involved gives us a different perspective than if Patrick just wrote up the facts. I'm all for it, and I've sadly only played a couple of Double Fine games.

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@Colt said:

soooo... all games for the vita itself have to be bought from the online store and downloaded? no, no i dont like this at all!

No. They come on memory sticks. They will also be on PSN day and date with the retail versions. Sony learned from the Go.

As far as this article. I agree with the premise. A flat five dollar fee for any game you want to play on your Vita is perfectly acceptable. These variable rates are awful and just smack of Sony bending over backwards for publishers with little reason.