I want to be a community manager

When people ask me "what is your ideal job" a few pop into my head. Games designer, astronaut, games designer but the one that stands out for me the most is community manager. I would love that job so much interacting with the gaming community, playing games before they get released, meeting all the hot gaming chicks and telling them of my stories as a level 59 berserk master on some RPG

It's the kind of job that you dream of but seldom ever get the chance to apply for, and when an opportunity does arise you would grab it with both hands feet and anything else that comes to mind.

Is anyone looking for a community manager at the moment?

I have my own hair

I don't take up too much space

I'm compact

I'm flexible (well I can get my left leg over my head)

Signed The Dragon with the ps


I'm a Youtube Star...Kinda


Me and a friend have been filming several comedy's for youtube over the past few months. Currently my friend has two video's uploaded and this one has me in it.

See if you can guess which one is me

Please leave your feedback and tell me what you think good or bad   

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The best news ever!


After what seems like a rather drab week of disappointments, maybes and general pseudo enthusiasm, finally things are looking up. Firstly I hear the news that the awesome Japanese shooter Deathsmiles is making it's way to UK shores around the 18 of February. Now this is great news as these games rarely (if ever) get a mention on any non Japanese web site and or publication. I've been playing the games for years (just type in Cave shooters in Google and you'll get the idea) and only a handful have ever made it to the west. So what would make this situation even better? Well how about the game is a limited edition black label edition that contains three disks with loads of extras including an OST, desktop wallpapers and even a poster.

The other great news is on the job front, had a meeting with a good friend the other day and things are really locking into place. It's a friend offering a hand of resolution that I so desperately needed.

So yes things are looking up for the sleeping dragon however remember this sub title from one of my favorite fighting games. Return of Double Dragon

“sleeping dragon has awoke”

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New to this place and first blog

Well I joined here on the recommendation of a friend, and it's pretty good so far. I'm still finding my feet around the site but so far the community is awesome something you rarely find. The quest system seems quite cool, don't fully understand it yet though. So yeah that's about it really, will blog alot more when I have the time until then peace out from the Dragon

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