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#1 Posted by Dragonps (39 posts) -

Of course you may ;)

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Thanks for the advise :) Your probably right but does that mean you hate your job lol dude nothing wrong with hot chicks ;)

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When people ask me "what is your ideal job" a few pop into my head. Games designer, astronaut, games designer but the one that stands out for me the most is community manager. I would love that job so much interacting with the gaming community, playing games before they get released, meeting all the hot gaming chicks and telling them of my stories as a level 59 berserk master on some RPG

It's the kind of job that you dream of but seldom ever get the chance to apply for, and when an opportunity does arise you would grab it with both hands feet and anything else that comes to mind.

Is anyone looking for a community manager at the moment?

I have my own hair

I don't take up too much space

I'm compact

I'm flexible (well I can get my left leg over my head)

Signed The Dragon with the ps

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Where's all this Union Jack coming from? The flag is called "The flag of the Union" not the union Jack for the misinformed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Flag

Would prefer the console if it had the English flag design though :P

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How many video reviews of the game are there floating around? Couldn't find any so decided to do my own lol http://youtu.be/H8l5usEqqJE

#6 Edited by Dragonps (39 posts) -

I'm a video game designer and I'm currently creating my first game. It's a fighting game that I want to appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike. However I'm struggling to find small indie developers who may be interested in taking on the project. Are there any Indie devs here on GB, or does anyone know of a company I haven't found?

Thanking you guys in advance

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@Gaff said:
Jam Kuradoberi (Cloudberry Jam) 
Seriously, guys! "
Now that's a good one, she even does similar noises too
#8 Posted by Dragonps (39 posts) -
@Belonpopo said:


obvious troll is obvious.

Excuse me? I'm not a troll, I merely asked if there were any characters "from fighting games" not other games. You suggested a character that has been mentioned at least 5 times before you posted. I'm not the troll good sir ;)
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@TehFlan said:
" @Dragonps said:
" @Blackout62 said:
" Chie. "
Never heard of her before,  "
Burn the witch! "
Nooo I was just misinformed :P
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@BigLemon said:
" @beej said:
" I'm glad that the Giant Bomb community was well up to this task. "
did you expect any less? "
All I can say is the Giant Bomb community know their games, no other site I've been on could offer even one suggestion.
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