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I've tried about four times now to kill that GD MOFO and no luck yet. I just seem to end up getting knocked on the ground by chimera then get dragged around by hellhounds all over the F*ing place until all my pawns are dead. Rather that trying to run around the 2 black chimera and 4 or so hellhounds to aid them i just rum to the door and leave. By the way all my pawns seem to do is stand next to each other and get gang banged by monsters, is there anyway to command them individually like in Dragon Age 2.

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Ok i got it ive been running in circles for the last 40 minutes and got turned around. Ive found the way out and the ur dragon isnt gonna kill me.

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Ok i didnt know that the chamber of lament is the ur dragon and now im stuck in the chamber. I've fought him for three straight rounds and getting low on curatives. HOW THE HELL DO I GET OUTTA HERE!!!

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No i havent fought the dragon yet but ive killed about 10 drakes... what can i say i like to do all the quests i can first. I can kill a chimera in about 30-45 seconds and the black chimera just went in about 90 seconds. I like to make the boss battles easy.

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I'd also like to know how far into the tainted mountain i can go before i get caught in the boss battle cause i ventured a little bit and there is way better farming there with little journeying.

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I'm at level 60 right now. I started as a ranger(almost maxed it out), then moved to magick archer(maxed it out), now i'm a mystic knight(almost maxed out). I have the best weapons and armor i can find right now(only one or two armor dont have 3 stars or dragonforging) and the game is getting boring and i want everfall action. Should i grind to 70 or just give it a good old college try?

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Ive never gotten anyhting from people before how exactly do we go about it?

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Yeah it was a stupid post but i was really pissed off...... but yeah hes back and all is well, whoever can delete this thread can if they so wish.

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Anybody who tries the side quests where u have to escort the Gran Soren Innkeeper to the healings springs....DO NOT LET HIM DIE!!! If he dies u no longer have anyone in the Gran Soren Inn to access your storage, upgrade skills, or sleep. I have been going to Cassidis for about the last 10 ingame days to take care of business. If i didnt have a portcrystal there i would have just f*ing restarted my game already.

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Been looking for like 2 days online and in game but cant come up with the answer anywhere.

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