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Really excited to hear their thoughts on transistor. Haven't watched the QL yet but I'm loving its style.

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@sinusoidal: Haha no I didn't know the straight up definition until I just looked it up. I made an edit that makes more sense.

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I used to have a pretty decent collection of figures, lots of Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, and Haruhi stuff mostly, but I ended up selling it all just because the stigma that people attach to collecting them. Anyone else experience this? I had a couple ones that were scantily clad, nothing explicit though. Mostly I collected figures that looked cool or were of characters I loved. But as long as there was one bunny suit Haruhi amongst the giant robots I would only get shit from my friends and weird looks from girls. Didn't want to have to hide my collection every time I had people over so I opted to get rid of them.

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I was laughing my ass off while they played that game! The models combined with the physics make everything look hilarious! I'm definitely gonna pick this up to play with my friends.

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Really wanted to go up to Hokkaido or down to the southern islands at some point this trip but they were both a little too out of the way to be able to fit everything else in. Definitely want to go snowboarding up in Hokkaido next time I come though. Got my fill of deer in Miyajima, had a mob of them following me trying to get my squid on a stick.

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Porn stores

C'mon, you think I've been here a month and haven't been to 7 story porn stores?

Now this Soapland on the other hand… my friends birthday is on tuesday and he's here with me...

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So I've been in Japan since the start of January and I have one week to go. Been all over the country and I've had a blast. I obviously haven't done everything there is to do here, but I think I've done most of the obvious stuff. If any of ya'll have any suggestions around the Osaka, Nagoya, or Tokyo areas I'd love to hear them.

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I was completely floored by this news. My heart goes out to Ryan's family as well as the Giant Bomb family. May he live on in the memories of those fond of him.

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So I've only got 12 orbs left before I can beat the game but the last two puzzles I'm on have really stumped me. Hoping someone in the community can help me out or give me a hint.

The first puzzle I'm stuck on is this one:

Help Is greatly appreciated!

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