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Sam and Max is not 'and others' ya jerk.

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@getz said:

I'm kinda with you. Alex is too negative for my tastes, it gets old.

"I'm not trying to be instantly dismissive of this game, but here let me be instantly dismissive of this game."

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Modern Quake is much more poignant than Modern Doom.

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@deadpanjazman said:

Great, so now I'm getting Farcry, GTA and WWE all on the same day. I mean, the phrase first world problems comes to mind, but still, how the heck am I gunna manage that?

Well, GTA V is a pretty version of the same game that was out last year, WWE is essentially a prettier version of the same game as last year based on the videos I've seen, and Far Cry 4 is kinda-sorta new. At least you can prioritize, maybe?

...unless you didn't play GTA or WWE last year, then I'm kind of useless. I can't do nothin' for ya man. Flavor Flav got problems of his own.

Far Cry is an ubisoft game. So it's even more a 'prettier version of the same game as last year... and the year before that. and the year before that.'

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@starvinggamer said:

Man, what is up with all the negativity? It seems so illogical. As a backer you pay no more money but get a significantly bigger game.

Because people on the internet don't fucking know how game development works or basic logic apparently either.

They probably know as much about it as Doublefine does about budgeting.

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@krathoon said:

<Takes deep breath. Releases deep breath.> It is time to stand on you own two feet, Double Fine. Do not Kickstart when you have not finished your other Kickstart.

it's alright, it's ok. we'll make it through this. together.

*rolls eyes profusely*

This IS standing on their own two feet. At this point in the console cycle, a PC-led tactical strategy game? Would any publisher ever fund that? Fuck no. Kickstarter gives them exactly the independence you're joking about.

You mean like X-Com Enemy Unknown or the Hereos of Might and Magic games or Civilization? You act as if tactical strategy games are some niche thing on PCs.

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My favorite thing about stuff like this is seeing so many posters on here suddenly going, 'Yeah! I always hated that game!!!'

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There really should have been an S Link or event if you're romantically involved with Naoto where you end up getting close with 'Naoto' summer trip style. Daisuke turns on. Cue horrified Kou and Charlie.

There you go Atlus. I gave you that one for free.

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Godus didn't even back Maia which will probably do a better job than Peter will ever do.