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There are many explanations to what most of you are feeling. From a psychological point of view, every brain is wired the same, but at the same time it's different. In fact the variations are what make us all different. Many of those are built while we grow. It is not unusual that when a child grows in an environment where couples fail, that child will most likely end up failing himself when establishing a relationship. Same goes for most kinds of brain growth.

Which is why we can be different.

Aside from that, there is a biological reason to our choices, who we decide to partner with, even when we think it's their personality entirely, there is a pheromone side to them, that impulsed the initial attraction. Even on this online times. Then there are the different kinds of brain "wiring" as I like to call it. Our brains carries a lot of residual content from our earlier days as primitive beings. Thus, us males have a bigger tendency to hump everything that moves. With time though, we have learned to attach this to a more reason like chart, and now we can evaluate a situation to know if we want or not. But all the stimulation will still affect us, even on situations of stress.

Women's on the other side have developed on a different way, and are just now developing their sexual nature. This was due to us a society being strongly focused on Male dominance. Fun fact of life, in the past, women used to develop big butts because nature found out that our ancestors liked them since it meant that childbirth was going to be easier. Currently, mother nature decided that due to the sex positions we do, and the lack of risk involved and some other facts, Boobs are better, so future women of the world will have bigger breast, but smaller butts.

Nature is a funny thing to study, and it explains many of our decisions and impulses. Of course, all the years we have on our backs will re-shape most of this into a perfect "ME" mold, changing what we once were.

But people should not feel afraid of not liking "sex" or liking it a lot. What should really make you worried is to be afraid of making contact with other folks. Even if you don't want to establish as a couple, meeting people is a thing that everyone needs, specially in this connected world, where this social skills are a must.

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It's a 50-50 situation. One has to find a way to make it work, but not forcing it. Of course the lifestyle one had will no longer be the same, but this applies bothways. It's making small sacrifices to better fit one another. Besides, it's always good to have someone next to you. It makes one happier, and extends life as well. Well, that actually applies if you don't fight constantly. Couples normally fight, argue and more, but it's more like a healthy thing. Venting out mistakes and such so that they can be worked together.

With time, things normally settle and life gets easier. I would say that the first year is the toughest. If get past that, unless you are complete opposites, you would not have much trouble.

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@Totori said:

@Ett said:

@Totori: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtO2df4bvrA

it happens so fast how does anyone even notice it without freeze framing?

Yup, its fairly noticeable on screen. Mostly depending on where it happens, but when it does you notice that.

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@Vinny_Says: It all depends. The "internets" is very big (Ohh realllyyy) haha so you have a wide ample selection of fine gentlemen and ladies around. Some good, some bad. So its a give and take I guess. It could go both ways, though GB is normally more mature in its user content than other sites so it could work.

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So far I've seen no boss battles, in fact, many key moments are skipped like Naruto's change to Kyubi during his fight with Pain for example. Boss battles are gone for sure. Combat is great though, character selection is HUGE. I still don't like how you use the Kawarimi though, since sometimes it takes a really long time to refill the bar. It gave the game an extra sense of tactic (I play on Super Hard) since you have to time when to use them depending on how many the enemy has left.

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I have the previous 2 on PS3, bought this one as well on PS3 (Free online beats paying for the ad galore that Gold has become). Have tried using Susano-o but no problem at all so far. I have not seen a drop in frames yet. Have you tried installing the game?

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I know what you mean. To make things even more disgusting, seing the gameplay, after playing the DMC HD Collection, I feel like this goes in slo-mo. I mean, it looks even slower than DMC 2, and that thing was slow.

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You sir are the problem of this generation. Games don't need to sell like CoD to be good. This line of though has killed many developers and will continue to do so until it is changed.

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Vita or 3DS are the best choices. You can keep the gaming interface as it is with no changes which is great. I literally spent hours upon hours on IB 1 trying to beat all the inmortals (Still can't) and will do so with the second game.

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Weird. Maybe it was taken down due to the hacking described that used games to access an exploit to play iso's from the PSP.

Try DL to the PS3 and then transfering to the Vita.