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Beautifully Stylized Game 1

I must admit that I am a sucker for stealth games.  I have loved the Hitman series since the first one (and managed to 1000 the 360 game, which took several patient hours), and in this way Velvet Assassin should be right up my alley.  Initially the visuals are striking and beautiful, as it gives a real post-apocalyptic morphine-induced veneer to WWII Paris.  The nagging thing is the gameplay elements prevent this from becoming more than a passing trial.  It is a mindless stealth game in which yo...

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Small Improvements 0

While I know I may not be the truest fan of Metallica, and this game is therefore not geared towards me, I tried it with an open mind.  My initial impression of the game was pretty surprising, as I was not a fan of GH:WT.  Neversoft have managed to make some good improvements to the game mechanics that I desperately wanted so I could finally enjoy it as much as RB/RB2.  Sadly, I soon realized that while these mechanics were indeed a good step forward this game lacks much of the musical soul that...

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Co-op is Essential 1

As an avid fan of single player (SP) games, my skepticism of this title was warranted.  The SP campaign is simply too mind-numbing to complete that I really could not force myself to finish this one.  From all of the chatter surrounding this game, the one thing that has become evident is that this game is meant to be played in co-op to truly enjoy it.  While I can respect this, I have come to the conclusion that this is robbing a large amount of people from quality games that have become so mult...

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Only Minute Fun 0

The concept of this game seems to be an achievement whore's dream, but I just could not bear to plod through this redundant mess.  Not only are the controls lackluster in so many ways, the presentation shows it age almost immediately.  While I understand what the developers where trying to go for, they did not press the "inside" jokes enough if they were really trying to go for a lampoon of the gaming industry in the past 20 or so years.The true joy of an experience like this is if it would have...

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