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Wow...this is not a good thing. I read the article, and I'm still confused. So...this is a new console. Sort of. I assume the 3ds carts are the same form factor. Yet, newer games for the 3ds NEW, won't work on the 3ds. Mind is blown...

I was at Target this weekend with my son, and they have all of the Wii, and WiiU games all mixed together on their shelves. I can only imagine how many WiiU games are being purchased for people who only have a Wii. It borders on deception. As a company, this is the last thing you want to do. It burns people...for good, to the point where they don't want to buy your product anymore.

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I watch stuff like this, and I can't understand why I can't get past the jungle. I watched Patrick play countless hours of Spelunky...and I just don't get why I suck at it so bad. I must just lack patience.

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This is cool, but at the same time, the bombcast is getting really thin now. Vinny was the lifeblood of the show since Ryan's passing. I hope they bring that Irish Gamespot guy into the fold at GBSF.

It's exciting that GBEast is going to be a real thing now...but boy. Tough blow to Unprofessional Fridays too. Sadly GBSF needs to get some new talent in there. Losing Vinny, Patrick, and Ryan is...well...more than half the original cast if you include Patrick (which I pretty much do).

Best of luck Vinny! I do hope this turns into good stuff for you and your family, as well as GB.

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Very dumb acquisition on Facebook's part. Talk about over paying. I don't think people realize how much 2 billion is. That's a lot of dough for an unproven platform that was just one upped by Sony...which has a proven platform to deliver content to a device like this. Money flushed down the toilet IMO. Congrats to the Oculus guys. They made a smart decision selling for that price. Very smart.

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GT Feartheswineflu

DR3 for now, and when it comes out Titanfall!

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What a bummer, I love Tom Clancy. His books, movies, games, I loved it all. He will be missed.

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I certainly understand where you're coming from Patrick, but I don't think you're looking at this from all angles. As the owner of a company that sells online and takes almost 3/4ths of our payments through Paypal, I can tell you first hand that fraud is a huge concern for Paypal, on all sides. In many cases, if someone is defrauding the consumer, Paypal is left holding the bag. The credit card companies will demand the money from the seller (the fraudster) and Paypal has to cough it up. Period. In this case, they could be held liable for the whole amount. That's a big loss, even for Paypal.

On top of that, the internet is FULL of scammers. We have to deal with fraud on our website on a daily basis. It's a huge problem. Paypal probably loses a ton every year due to fraud, and any time someone is gathering $80,000 all of the sudden, with no history with Paypal, and for potentially nebulous reasons, they have reason to be cautious.

Is there a better answer than what they are doing? I don't know. They could, and maybe should, just say, no you can't gather that much cash here. Find another way to get the money. Then it's up to the receiver to decide if that's worth it to them. I just think you probably should consider this a bit more deeply than just reflexively looking at it from one side's perspective. Things are usually more complicated than they seem, especially when talking about moving this kind of money. Where I'm from, you can buy a house for that kind of dough, and there is ultimately a higher degree of risk involved from Paypal's perspective.

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I don't know why, but I do find all of the drama surrounding Fish, Blow and people like them, to be entertaining. It's one of the things I love about games. I love games. Yes. But I also love the stuff like this that happens around games.

This annoyed gamer/Fish thing actually reminds me of the Andy Kaufman bit with the pro wrestler.

If Fish truly is having trouble handling being in public life, and this isn't just for fun/show/entertainment, then he really should choose a different profession. I know that I do NOT have skin thick enough to be out there like him. I would never do it, because the criticism would drive me insane.

It's one of the things I really admire about people like the Giant Bomb folks. You guys go out there and put your balls on the table, and say f it, yeah I don't look like Brad Pitt, but fuck you, so what. I know that some of the hurtful, mean things people say probably really do bother you at times, but I hope they don't bother too much. You're good dudes, and I truly respect that you guys are able to do what you do, and not lose your mind. My mind would be lost in your shoes.

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Wow, so sad. I love Ryan. Unreal.

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If Xbox One doesn't allow used games and PS4 does, I just don't see a scenario where Xbox One is successful. I'm not sure I'd buy one, and I buy 80% of my games new, and the 20% I buy used I generally don't even end up playing.

I think small mid and large developers alike will be shocked at how destroying the used market affects their sales. I'm confident it will drastically reduce the number of people willing to ay full price for a game. I know I won't, and I never sell my games anyway.

If ps4 allows used games and Xone doesn't, I would fully expect GameStop to not carry the Xone or Xone games. If I owned GameStop that's what I'd do. If I were Sony, I would make Microsoft swallow tat bitter pill and own this generation. They would stand out as the likely most powerful platform, and by far the only consumer friendly platform. There is NO way Sony loses if they don't make that grand error and Microsoft does.