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I hate being spoiled and will never apologize for it.

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I really have high hopes for this game, but there's no way in hell I'll preorder after Colonial Marines.

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I don't understand what just happened.

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Lockout, with Guy Pearce.

And totally Demolition Man, like @jordanarama said.

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Jason likes Korra! Jason's ok in my book.

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I really don't mean this to sound flippant or mock what you're going through. This is not meant as snark in any way.

But no. Not ever. Life is beautiful, and I enjoy being alive so much right now. Hard times come and go, but on the whole, it's pretty great.

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Youth is wasted on the young.

Bring in a grizzled veteran who's lived a little.

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Cool. I literally 5 minutes ago finished watching Looper, and I really liked it. I like the cut of his jib.

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Brad pointed to the top row, and knocked it out of the park. #teambrad

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Phil Fish has almost always responded completely justifiably to abuse. His problem is his head is in the clouds, he's sensitive (and vocal about it) and he has a complete lack of restraint. Sure he's a bit of an asshole but that's just another trait I respect. Who wants to be nice? On the internet?

The thing is, Phil Fish never imagined the situation was playing out as it's described in the video, because who in their right mind would? Not his fault he is who he is.

I do. I love being nice. It messes with people's expectations. :)

This is a really good video, and it puts forth the case very eloquently. Phil Fish didn't deserve what happened. Very few people do. But the reason I can't being myself to feel too bad for him, is that he is, or at least was, part of the toxic environment he decried. Again, he didn't deserve it, but he did contribute to it. It's not karmic. It's just sad.