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"Jade Raymond" always sounds like the most cliché character name I've ever seen. Good thing she's a rad real person and not a video game character. ;)

Now that she's free from Ubi, maybe Ken Levine needs a producer for his next game project?...

Totally. She should be like an international jewel thief, or something. Continually eluding her elderly nemesis at the Scotland Yard.

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Yes, absolutely. The ending is what it is, but the journey is well worth taking regardless.

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@sammo21: In that case, I didn't get it, and I apologise.

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@sammo21: Dude, your TL; DR is just as long as the main body of text.

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Not neccesarily superior. But I did enjoy it a little more.

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Sane words in a storm of madness. You're the best, Bombcrew.

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Good Lord. I think I just this moment tipped over into old man territory, where I start to think that modern entertainment just goes too far.

Had to happen eventually, I guess. I just didn't think the transition would be quite so abrupt.

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Depends on the game. I waited for PCGamer and Eurogamer's reviews of something like Shadow of Mordor before deciding on whether I was getting it or not. But on the flipside, there's a game like Dragon Age: Inquisition, which all the negative reviews in the world couldn't stop me from getting.

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Wow, did that guy in the first article actually say that trolling isn't what it used to be?

Fuck that guy, a prick is a prick. Trying to convince yourself that it somehow had a nobler purpose back when you did it is pathetic.

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When I wait for reviews to decide whether to get a game or not, PCGamer and Eurogamer are always the opinions I put most stock in, and since both were positive, I'm getting this on tuesday. Can't wait.