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The big budget industry sure is giving us every reason to never preorder over the last many years.

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I've been following gamergate with morbid curiosity since it started and after all this time, reading lots of articles about and watching tons of conspiracy laden videos it still just makes so little sense to me.

I've tried engaging people on twitter about it (just tweet anything negative with the hash tag and someone will come along to correct you) and although one guy had a rational discussion with me about most people just repeat the same rhetoric over and over , or link to articles and videos to make their points for you. It felt like most of the people who want to defend it couldn't even articulate why it mattered to them.

The standard answer always seems to be "gamergate is about ethic in games journalism" but it never seems to be. Despite claims to the contrary they've never really uncovered any solid proof of corruption, just a few vague cases where there was an opportunity for corruption. Which is not the same thing. (If I work by a cash register I have the opportunity to steal money, doesn't make me a thief). Also these typically involve indies and journalists who let's face it who are paid so badly there's hardly any profit in grand conspiracies of corruption anyway.

Ethics in games journalism is a hugely interesting and nuanced discussion, but gamergate seems to have boiled it down to "we want disclosure disclaimers". Which seems like they're aiming so low and ignoring huge aspects of the debate about ethics because they've picked one weird target that they're fixated one that in my opinion wont' solve anything anyway. If an elected official gave you a list of bribes they took would you really thank them for their transparency? If you trust the sites you follow so little that them telling you a PR guy bought them a steak will make you doubt their honesty then maybe find a different outlet you have more respect for.

Ultimately all of that seems a waste of time anyway because when you look at the hashtag the vast majority of it discussion about the movement itself and how it's portrayed, trying to correct people who have a negative view on the movement and linking to the same handful of articles and videos that show their side of the argument. The only actual "meat" to the discussion seems to be a huge amount of anger direction towards "agenda driven journalism" and "SJWs" which seems a far cry from a discussion on ethics and more a resentment of people holding different point of views.

Sure gamergate is obviously a lot of different things for a lot of differnet people but if you follow the hashtag for a day or two you'll find very little real thoughtful discussion on ethics, or indeed any of these smoking gun examples of solid proof they claim to have. The proof is usually just conspiracy theory images with red lines that never prove anything, just cast a little doubt if you squint at them hard enough. It just feels to me like the movement has no choice but to constantly talk about itself because they're starved for any real fuel to their fire. Since they can't prove everyone is one the take like they imagine they just have to keep talking about how unfairly they've been represented because what else is there to talk about?

Very nice summation. I too, have followed the on-goings since the Zoe Quinn thing got started. I watched as they tried to destroy Phil Fish's business, I read the hundreds of vile replys in Zoe's twitter feed, I read the 4chan IRC logs that meticulously planned every false facade of this movement, I watched the terrible Adam Baldwin kickstart the movement with the hashtag (spurred on by the 4 channers in direct regard to the 100% false Zoe Quinn allegations), I watched as the same people who started this movement continue to throw vitriol at everything and everyone except actual ethical concerns in game journalism.

To those who still follow GG for actual ethical concerns, you cannot be surprised that we will not give you the time of day when most of us know where GG originated from. GG is un-salvageable, salted earth. There is no good reason to associate yourself with this movement, absolutely none.

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Thanks for putting this up, Patrick. These monsters have destroyed enough of the industry under the guise of a completely false cause.

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Want this to stop Patrick? Then don't talk about it. These articles just gives those causing this crap to happen satisfaction. It's pointless.

Want to stop this? Call these people out. Ignoring it is bad, and what the "movement" is trying to get people to do.

Indeed. The major gaming media sites have been fairly silent on the issue for a couple months and that's done absolutely nothing. They've gotten much worse, and they need to be reprimanded for their actions.

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Vamp always gave me the most hell, though I always play on hard difficulty. The bosses actually have altered behaviors depending on difficulty, and I think Vamp's fight has extra rough quirks depending on that.

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As long as they get to finish it. Obsidian's not great with deadlines but I'd rather they get more time than another KotOR II scenario.

They've garnered quite a bit of a reputation about that haven't they? But keep in mind that even the kotor II scenario was less about obsidian's ability to deal with deadlines, than it was about lucasart cutting the development short. Even the famed bugginess of their products falls to the feet of the QA department. And you can guess who's responsibility that usually is..

Yea, that reputation is really unfortunate considering most of it has been quite out of their control. If this were a publisher deal, they would have been forced to throw it out to market as is for the holiday season.

This is in contrast to EA that releases broken games constantly despite having nearly 100% control over production and deadlines.

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I definitely had doubts they would keep on schedule, especially with all the content stretch goals they met with no extension of the original deadline.

Either way, it definitely makes sense to get out of the way of all the other CRPGs that came out this year (never thought I'd get to say that line in 2014).

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This doesn't seem like a Notch thing to do, but if this is true, I would guess that Notch himself is not part of the deal. I can't see 2 billion being enough to buy them either way though.

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As someone who also is basically out of the loop from all of the events, it was kind of frustrating with them being so vague on the issue. From what I read, this is one of the biggest gaming stories in awhile and as a gaming journalism website (the best in my opinion) it would seem like they should be covering it at least a little.

The fact that Patrick and Alex danced around the issue was just mildly irritating is all.

Otherwise, Keep up the good work!

I can imagine it's difficult to cover, because the core of this "movement" goes back to a group of people going out of their way to destroy ZoE Quinn's and her friend's lives over an incorrectly perceived threat to game journalism. It's a lot of TMZ-level stuff that goes far beyond this site.

There is a debate to be had for integrity in the industry, but the only reason the current one exists is because these bullies and terrorists (there's no better word for what these people are) on various social media sites are looking for targets to destroy for any reason they can find.

Jeff already had to put out a statement last month that harassment from the community is unacceptable under any circumstances, so I'm not sure what they would put on the front of the site that would be much different now.

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Still, I'm curious as to what they'll do with this thing. I only wish they'd toss an HDMI out port on the back of it.

I really don't think you want that. 3DS resolution images would look super rough scaled up to that size.

You're definitely right, but I think there's things they could do to fix that with sizing and scale like the old Gameboy player on SNES.

It might make more sense for them to just make a proper 3DS player as a WiiU attachment though.