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I feel like we're never going to get out of the "videogames are for children" phase if these companies keep treating their games as pieces to be sliced off at will.

Even the movie industry doesn't do "ticket pre-order content" or "theater exclusive content", because that's super dumb. The fact that these things have become normal in videogames is pretty sad.

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A big thanks to Rorie and the moderator crew. I see terrible things posted now and then, but it's a pretty tame and a rarity compared to what we've seen on twitter and Reddit.

That one Reddit thread really baffled me for how much people use the "SJW" term with regularity and without irony (and get upvoted for it). We've got a long way to go.

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I don't entirely agree with denouncing Giantbomb or the industry over two hires only meant to bring back stability to a tiny crew, especially with the way some of these public figures are doing it, but those piling on with hate in return are much worse than those they hate.

Have to wonder how a lot of these harassers on twitter still have jobs in any workplace.

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Man, when I saw that Phil Fish video earlier this week, I was all like, "OK, yeah." And then he just shit all over the entire concept of Let's Play and I was like, "What? No, Phil. Why you got to be like that?" It made me so sad.

I try to defend the guy from the ceaseless hate he gets, but he sure does make it difficult with comments like that out of nowhere.

There are some areas where he has a point (uploading entire games with no commentary), but going all hyperbolic on Twitter of all places is really unhelpful to his cause. It's not the place for a nuanced argument.

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@amyggen said:

@metalliccookies: It had over 2000 listeners when I checked in :)

Pretty sure I saw 3.3k when I checked in early on. As Mixlr would say, "He's putting my kids through college".

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Ooh, Crusader Kings 2, excellent choice. I would be quite delighted if you brought that out in a Spelunky-like daily manner.

I'd offer you assistance with learning that, but even with a hundred hours under my belt I still feel like I'm flailing around with a lot of the mechanics. It's a good thing the game has no win condition other than to continue your lineage.

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Ahhhhhh chaaaaaange. I always had the worried feeling that Vinny would eventually leave Giantbomb, though if just moving away is the worst that happens, I'll live with it.

Good luck, Vinny. I hope you guys will think about some more hires in NY as well to round out the roster.

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If only the people who took the reigns of the Xbox One over the last several months were in charge of its development two years ago; we would probably have had a much better kinect lineup that actually played to its strengths.

Everything about that original reveal only showed complete obliviousness to the criticisms of Kinect 1.0. Kinect 2.0 should have been an apology and a course correct for the tech, but it didn't seem like they were even aware that the original device was derided in a majority of its uses.

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"Don't worry, I'm not about to turn Worth Reading into feature where I just read links into a camera for an hour."

I don't know, it's always amusing to hear it during the URL of the year award,

"Aich tee tee pee, colon slash.."

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Woo! Been waiting all year for a sale, and I was just thinking of buying a month to catch up on everything; this is opportune timing.

On that note, I will be so glad if I never have to hear the "Officer Ray" ads ever again.