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There's never been a better time.™

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I'm trying to think of the last time Drew played a mainstream game on video (that wasn't just a UPF multiplayer-fest), and I am coming up completely short.

He is a video production guy first and foremost (especially in between when Vinny left and when Jason was hired) so they only bring him out to cover games that nobody else can.

Aye, I just think it'll be interesting to see if he would enjoy something like this or not, since it's definitely not his usual style.

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I'm trying to think of the last time Drew played a mainstream game on video (that wasn't just a UPF multiplayer-fest), and I am coming up completely short.

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I watched a playthrough of Homecoming and Downpour.. boy do I hope this is a proper revival of the franchise.

At the same time though, part of me would rather them retire the name. The original narrative arc concluded with Silent Hill 3, and all attempts at tying any future games to that same universe have gone very poorly.

That said, it's still nice to see Konami acknowledge its franchises that aren't Metal Gear.

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It seems like this'll be the first time since Silent Hill 4 that they're putting a modicum of effort into the franchise, but I can't help but feel annoyed that Kojima is tied to it. It's like Konami can't release a game without his name on it anymore, completely forgetting that they have (or had) other amazing talent on the sidelines.

Either way, still somewhat excited to see a big budget horror game, but I'm still gonna be cautious about it.

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Definitely enjoyed my time with it, but it was one of those titles where I could write a giant list of minor changes that could have made it so much better. The game is also 30 hours longer than it needed to be, and it's a little too punishing for how little control you have over your party members.

But I only complain because the rest of the game is so damn good. Like you said, the presentation and attention to detail is unbelievable.

And the game has a world map! A JRPG with a world map on a modern console! Whodathunkit.

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I can't fathom why the music industry would target streaming video in particular. Who is declining to buy music because some streamer is playing it in the background? Is there a criminal ring of people just streaming copyrighted music for profit?

This is a change that benefits no one that I can think of.

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AGDQ and SGDQ are two events I've really begun to look forward to every half-year. It's the closest thing to Videogame Olympics we have in quite a lot of ways.

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I know exactly what town in FFXIV he's talking about, and it reeeaally bothers me too.

And the blood type video is pretty cool. It never really occurred to me how odd it was that they referred to them so frequently in game manuals.

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I finally completed Brothers the other day (Brad was mostly right), and it really made me realize how far the big budget industry has fallen in terms of narrative cohesiveness in general.

Brothers is a game where the mechanics and story are so heavily intertwined that they're inseparable. Watch Dogs, on the other hand, sounds like a game where the mechanics and story were both designed in two separate buildings (and they probably were, with how Ubisoft is run).

From everything I've read, it sounds like Watchdogs could stand to not take itself as seriously, as it's very clear they weren't going to be able to tell a deep and powerful narrative just based on the tools they gave the player from the very start. I could say the same for GTAIV.