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If only the people who took the reigns of the Xbox One over the last several months were in charge of its development two years ago; we would probably have had a much better kinect lineup that actually played to its strengths.

Everything about that original reveal only showed complete obliviousness to the criticisms of Kinect 1.0. Kinect 2.0 should have been an apology and a course correct for the tech, but it didn't seem like they were even aware that the original device was derided in a majority of its uses.

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"Don't worry, I'm not about to turn Worth Reading into feature where I just read links into a camera for an hour."

I don't know, it's always amusing to hear it during the URL of the year award,

"Aich tee tee pee, colon slash.."

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Woo! Been waiting all year for a sale, and I was just thinking of buying a month to catch up on everything; this is opportune timing.

On that note, I will be so glad if I never have to hear the "Officer Ray" ads ever again.

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The kickstarter is effectively a game announcement from a sizable and known company; I think that alone deems it fit for a story on the front page, despite allegations of "collusion". It'd be kind of weird for GB to pretend the story doesn't exist.

Never heard of Amplitude myself, but good luck to those folks.

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Really fantastic talk. It's great to hear a lot more up-front info about the future of the site; stuff we've only heard light rumblings of beforehand.

And Jeff really knows how to speak in just about every environment; dude is talented as heck. I hope GB can sort out the business end of things soon so that he can go back to doing more of what he's good at.

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The existence of the 3DS version is still weird to me. I can't think of anything that would push WiiU's better than Smash Brothers if it were an exclusive (though I suppose it was in production long before they knew the WiiU would be in trouble).

This is looking good though, first time I've had even a slight bit of excitement for the game.

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This has to be the lead-in to Frog Fractions 2.

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Jim Sterling just put up a video with a great perspective on the matter.

He makes an excellent point; Facebook has a better track record in not screwing up what it buys than.. pretty much everyone else in the actual game industry. This buyout might be the thing that saved the Oculus from fading into obscure, niche territory.

I have no love of Facebook myself, and I'm sad that the Oculus will be moving away from its grassroots appeal, but this story could have ended so much worse.

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Well damn, I guess Castlevania is over with if they don't have someone to champion the return of the classic style.

Yea, they'll bring it back anyways, but this is Konami. For all the disbanded teams, they never got the right people to bring back anything.