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Really fantastic talk. It's great to hear a lot more up-front info about the future of the site; stuff we've only heard light rumblings of beforehand.

And Jeff really knows how to speak in just about every environment; dude is talented as heck. I hope GB can sort out the business end of things soon so that he can go back to doing more of what he's good at.

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The existence of the 3DS version is still weird to me. I can't think of anything that would push WiiU's better than Smash Brothers if it were an exclusive (though I suppose it was in production long before they knew the WiiU would be in trouble).

This is looking good though, first time I've had even a slight bit of excitement for the game.

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This has to be the lead-in to Frog Fractions 2.

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Jim Sterling just put up a video with a great perspective on the matter.

He makes an excellent point; Facebook has a better track record in not screwing up what it buys than.. pretty much everyone else in the actual game industry. This buyout might be the thing that saved the Oculus from fading into obscure, niche territory.

I have no love of Facebook myself, and I'm sad that the Oculus will be moving away from its grassroots appeal, but this story could have ended so much worse.

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Well damn, I guess Castlevania is over with if they don't have someone to champion the return of the classic style.

Yea, they'll bring it back anyways, but this is Konami. For all the disbanded teams, they never got the right people to bring back anything.

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"its your destiny to ______"

Beat me to it. The words "Destiny" and "Fate" are obscenely overused; they're completely meaningless in nearly every context I see them in.

I think we can blame Star Wars for that one. Yes, it was cool when Darth Vader said that one line, but it doesn't work everywhere.

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@draxyle: What other references have they made?

Well I don't think it was part of the final product, but if you ever saw the Double Fine Happy Action Theater quicklook, they were quite explicitly putting Giantbomb stuff into the demo build of that game.

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I'd believe it was deliberate. I mean, a Bomb Squad toy robot? I can't think of any other reason for them to be that oddly specific on the kind of robot unless there was a humor angle involved, which it doesn't appear to be.

It might be a stretch, but it wouldn't be the first time Double Fine puts Giantbomb into their games in some way.

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I'm still humping my way through this game after starting it when it first came out. I'm stuck at the Tomb of Giants. I killed Patches and I keep dying at by those insane skeleton beasts. The fact that that area is pitch black and I have to switch between the skull lantern back to my shield constantly is so nerve wrecking. I need to finish this game before 2 though.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Well, if you go to Lost Izalith first (the underground, lava place), you can find a hat that generates light if you search hard enough.

Other than that, if you've already reached patches, you're not terribly far from where you need to go in the Tomb. It just might take a bit of persistence and you'll eventually ingrain the route into your head; it's probably more worth it to just press on slowly and carefully with the lantern.