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Passwords changed. Man, I can't wait for the day when everything in the industry goes digital so we can't have hard copies of things and must be connected to the system at all times to play so that this can happen all the time.

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@TudsGamol said:

its available now if you edit the url of the old one to 073112.mp3

You, good sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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Wait seems longer than usual. Wonder what's up...

Hoping to hear some discussion on the Playstation All-Stars leaks and general opinions on the game.

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@AuthenticM said:

Bandicoot and Spyro both need to be in the game. Come on, Sony!

To be fair, that ball is in Activision's court. I'm still holding out for Crash, since not only does Activision not seem to pay him much mind, but some people in the company have mentioned a desire to see him revived, and this game could help with the character's publicity.

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@Rapid: You build AP by attacking opponents like a regular fighting game. AP is used for special moves, which can kill an enemy. AP can be lost in combat, and if you attack and don't know what you're doing you'll just end up allowing others to build AP. All three levels of supers are different attacks with very different properties and most can be dodged. Others are transformations that make the character using supers kill with normal attacks, ect.

There seem to be other game types too. Someone dug up a Capture the Flag mode referenced in files, for instance.

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@Phatmac: @Phatmac said:

Surprised at the lack of Laura Craft, Spyro, Cloud, and Crash. Still, this list of characters is more interesting than any thing Smash Bros can come up with. Parappa alone is more interesting than any Nintendo character.

Crystal Dynamics seem to have been buddying up more with Microsoft for the new Tomb Raider and flat out (and quite rudely) said she would not be in the game to a fan on Twitter. My guess is that Square will be pushing for Lightning to make the cut, instead of Cloud.

I'm excited for this game still- Sir Dan is going to be amazing if true, and while Ratchet and Sackboy were expected, I'm certainly happy for their arrival. Nariko will add a much needed female character to the roster, and I'm sure Raiden will have a more interesting move list than Snake. I prefer the new Dante to classic Dante, so I'm fine with that as well. All in all, this game gets more exciting looking to me with each piece of news, official or otherwise. Looking forward to more reveals not leaked here.

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Looks like 2011 is going to abort my whole freaking wallet, should have come with an empty bubblegum pack though.